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From: "R. Stephen Hansell, Attorney at Law and Patent Attorney" <>
Subject: RE: Split BE - NE - LUX ?
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 08:50:46 -0500

Excellent suggestions to reduce the amount of chaff members must separate.
While the volume of material is growing rapidly, I think this NewsGroup
continues to get better all the time. May I also suggest that, when
responding to a specific person, the member take the time to address it to
the individual--rather than the group, viz: "FRANS: tell Mom I'll be late
for dinner."? I get the impression that MANY people believe they're doing
so when REPLYing to or addressing the entire group. Despite the huge volume
of material, I'm opposed to splitting the group unless there truly is
limited interest among members in exposure to the other nations/regions.
BTW: As another struggling multi-linguist, I appreciate the postings in
English, and ESPECIALLY the postings in English AND Dutch, for example. NOTE
TO Webmaster (or other teckkies): Is there a way to set up a filter--or a
coding system as below--for those who really don't want to bother with more
than one region?
Ron Hansell, Indianapolis

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> Subject: Re: Split BE - NE - LUX ?
> On Fri, 03 Dec 1999 07:00:07 GMT "F. van Andel" <>
> wrote:
> > Why should I write my genealogical questions in English?...
> I completely agree with you, Frank. Our Benelux languages are Dutch,
> French, German, and even Luxembourgian, and I think that, when
> possible, the most relevant language for a specific querry should be
> used, according to the region concerned. It probably also gives the
> highest chance to get an answer. Nevertheless, posting in English is
> welcome as well, because many people outside the Benelux have roots in
> our countries and I'm sure that any of us would do his possible to
> reply in the same language.
> > All contributors to this group should mention the familynames
> in the subjectline of the message...
> Again, I agree 100 %.
> As a Belgian, French speaking, living in the Netherlands, and looking
> for ancestors mainly in Belgium (centre and south) and in the
> Grand-Duchy, I was quite in favour of a split, when the discussion
> arised several months ago. But I can understand the reasons why many of
> us were against, so I accept the choice of the majority, though it
> means for me that 90 or 95 % of the messages must go to the trash.
> Especially after a week or two, I have to browse sometimes amongst 2000
> postings...
> In that former discussion, it had been proposed to implement a system
> of "standardized" subject lines, beginning with a country code (NED,
> BEL, LUX for example) and always mentionning the surnames searched.
> Unfortunately, very few postings conform to such a system now: we still
> see too many subjects like "genealogie", "stamboom", "gezocht", "help
> needed"... Putting the family name in the subject is a big help: we
> only have to look at all the subject lines and open a message when the
> name seems known to us. But adding a country code, and even a province
> code when possible, would permit to filter the incoming messages, or to
> use the search capabilities of our news viewer. We could imagine
> several other codes, like TRA (help for a translation), COM (question
> about the computer or a program), OCC (meaning of an occupation), ADD
> (looking for an address), etc. Any suggestion is welcome, the list
> should not be too limiting.
> Because this group is not moderated, we can't compel everyone to use
> such a system, and everything won't certainly fit in a frame, but
> within a while, most of the regular postings would probably look like
> this:
> BEL,BRA,Hoeilaart,1830: DENAYER
> BEL,NAM,Couvin,1700: RENARD
> LUX,Keispelt,1740: BIRCHEN,GRAFF
> NED,ZHD,Den Haag,1880: JANSENS
> COM: Explorer 5
> OCC: daghuurder
> ADD/LUX: Mairie de Clervaux
> Would it not be easier to browse for everyone ?
> Looking further for any comment,
> Alain Merckx
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