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From: "John Terpstra" <>
Subject: What is a Beurtschipper? Can anyone translate ...
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2000 04:02:45 GMT

I would appreciate any help in translating these occupations into English.

Beurtschipper ?
Smakschipper ?

Do these refer to different types of boats?

Huisman ?

Is the literal translation; "house - man", close to the correct meaning of
this when found as an occupation?
Or does it rather refer to someone being the master of his own house rather
than a tenant?

I have also stumbled across this in my research!

Houlik yn 1809, mei dispensaasje 2 et 3 gradu in linea transversa.

I believe that this statement refers to a marriage in 1809, but I do not
understand the rest of it.
It seems to me to be a mixture of at least two languages, (possibly Frisian
and Latin?)

Thanks for any help you can provide.

John Terpstra
Garson, Ontario, Canada

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