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From: "Helen" <>
Subject: Dallenbach Genealogy, Volume One-See Some Names
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 01:12:24 -0500

The Dallenbachs in America, 1710 - 1935, edited by Andrew L. Dillenbeck,
D.D., and Karl M. Dallenbach, Ph. D.I can only find a date of 1935. Red
cloth covered hardback with gilt printing, 6-1/4 x 9-1/4, 439 pages,
illustrated with many portraits on good quality heavy slick paper. There is
full name index for those names other than Dallenbach and derivities, and a
given name index for Dillenbach, Dallenbach, etc. names.
There may be a very slight tilt to the spine, the front cover has a deeper
red stain along the bottom, while the bottom fourth of the back cover is
slightly faded (as though a smaller book covered the other 3/4 of the cover)
and a given name and page number has been written inside the top of the back
cover - the writing is so small it is barely noticeable. Otherwise, the book
is in very good condition for its 71 years, with no foxing, stains,
markings, dog ears, and the binding is solid - the pages are exceptionally
clean. Contents include:

Frontispiece: Wilhelm Tell and Son
Almira Dillenbeck Briggs and Helen Briggs Terry
Tillapaugh Reunion
Dillenbeck Reunion
Foreword; the Name; how to use this Genealogy

The Laupersville Family: From Laupersville, Switzerland; descendants of
Jorg Martin Dillenbach; Arrived in 1710; Settled in the Mohawk
Valley; numbers 1-4161; Tillapaughs are in this descent.

The Bienne Families: From Bienne, Switzerland; Arrived About 1735;
Settled in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York:
(1) The Nidauberg Family: Descendants of Christian Dallenbach,
numbers A1-A219
(2) The Safneren Family: Descendants of Jacob Dillenbach,
numbers B1-B302

The Otterbach Family: From Otterbach, Switzerland; Date of Arrival
Unknown; Some Descendants Living in Oregon; Descendants of
Christian Dillenbach; numbers C1-C66

The Alsace Family: From Alsace, Germany; Arrived About 1865;
Descendants of Joseph Dillenback; Living Near Hinckley, Illinois;
numbers D1-D14

The Bern Family: From Bern, Switzerland; Arrived About 1880; Settled
in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; Descendants of Bernhardt Dillenbach;
numbers E1-E18

The Iowa Family: Origin and Date of Arrival Unknown; Living in Iowa
and Minnesota; numbers F-1-F7

Isolated and Detached Dillenbachs and Dillenbecks, Whose History is Not
Known; numbers X1-X53

Dillenbachs in the Colonial Wars and the Revolution

The Index

Abel, Abbott, Ackley, Abplanale, Adams, Akelund, Akely, Albean, Alden, All,
Allchin, Allen, Almendinger, Ambridge, Amenden, Amidon, Andrrew(s), Andrick,
Angler, Anthenat, Archinal, Argersinger, Armstrong, Arndt, Arnett, Arnold,
Ashbaugh, Ashwin, Atkins, Atty, Augrey, Audas, Auld, Austin, Avery, Axtell,
Ayers, Babcock, Bachman, Bacon, Bader, Baer, Baggerly, Bailey, Bain, Baird,
Baisner, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Banker, Bankhead, Barcalo, Barclay, Barker,
Barnes, Barney, Barnard, Barr, Barragan, Barringer, Barrett, Barlett,
Barlot, Battenfield, Ba(u)der, Baum, Bauman, Baumes, Baxter, Baynes, Beach,
Beadle, Beakley, Beal,
Beaman, Bean, Bearcroft, Beck, Becker, Beekle, Behunin, Bell, Bellersheim,
Bellinger, Bellringer, Benham, Benke, Bennett, Bennis, Bentley, Bergen,
Berlureau, Bernard, Bernes, Bernett, Berry, Bertleson, Bettler, Bigelow,
Biggs, Bill, Billington, Billings, Bird, Black, Blanchard, Blank, Blakeslee,
Blodgett, Bloss, Bogardus, Bolds, Bonesteel, Bonney, Bonnington, Boorn,
Booth, Borden, Borst, Bordis, Bort, Bostwick, Bouck, Bowers, Bowes, Bowter,
Bowman, Braman, Bramer, Bratsch, Brayton, Brazure, Breckinridge, Breisch,
Brencheon, Brewster, Briggs, Bright, Broadbent, Borrkem, Brookman, Brooks,
Brower, Brown, Browning, Bruun, Bryan, Bryant, Buchanan, Buck, Buckbee,
Buckman, Bulger, Burch, Burden, Burdick, Burnap, Burr, Burris, Busey, bush,
Butler, Button, Cadle, Cadman, Cain, Caldwell, Calkins, Cameron, Campbell,
Canfield, Carey, Carnrite, Carlson, Carpenter, Carr, Carter, Cary,
Cascallon, Casler, Casselman, Castleberry, Caswell, Casey, Caton, Cean,
Chalfont, Chamberlain, Chant, Chapman, Charland, Chesebro, Chelins, Chilton,
Chisholm, Chislett, Christiance, Christensen, Christman, Church, City,
Clancy, Clark, Clay, Clements, Clemons, Clifton, Close, Clothier, Clough,
Cloward, Cluett, Clum, Clymer, Cobel, Coddington, Colbe, Colby, Cole,
Coleman, Collins, Colson, Colvin, Colyer, Conklin, Conley, Connolly, Connor,
Conover, Conradt, Considine, Cook, Cooley, Coomer, Coons, Cooper,
Coppernoll, Cornwall, Corse, Cossart, Cosens, Coso, Countryman, Courtney,
Covell, Cox, Coy, Craig, Cramer, Crandall, Crane, Cranker, Crawford,
Creedon, Crego, Cridland, Crill, Cripe, Crittenden, Crocker, Cronk,
Cronkhite, Crook, Crosby, Crosley, Cross, Crossen, Crounse, Crouse, Crow,
Crystal, Culbertson, Cummings, Curran, Curtis, Cutler, Curry, Dailey, Dale,
Daley, Dalzell, Dann, Dannenberger, Darling, Darrow, Davidson, Davis,
Dawley, Day, Dayton, Deal, Deering, Delano, DeLong, DeLuche, DeLuthe,
DeKroyft, Demarest, Demmler, Demmox, DeMoss, Denhart, Denice, Devendorf,
Devoe, Devoning, Diamond, Dibble, Dickenson, Diefendorf, Diehl, Dill,
Dingman, Dockstader, Dodd, Dodge, Donahue, Dorn, Dott, Douglas, Downs,
Dremann, Druary, Duell, Duesler, Dunkel, Dunn, Durfee, Durham, Dutcher,
Dwelley, Dygert, Eacker, Easling, Eaton, Eberhardt, Eckel, Eckert, Eckler,
Eddy, Edgar, Edwards, Efthas, Egelston, Ehle, Ehl, Oehl, Ehrke, Eickle,
Eigabroadt, Eldred, Elligat, Elliott, Ellis, Ellsworth, Ellwood, Elmer,
Emery, Emerson, Empie, England, Engle, Engler, Entwhistle, Eselin, Essman,
Esmay, Estes, Evans, Evarts, Everson, Failing, Fairbanks, Fancher, Fanning,
...more next time. I will be happy to see if your surnames are in the rest
of the index.

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