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MAGAZINE, VOL. 10 SERIES 2. By Chandler & Sweim.
363 pp.,index. 1930. Hard cover. Worn.

Contains articles on all facets of Virginia history, chiefly on the
period prior to 1865, as well as genealogical information on
many prominent families.

E. C. BRANCHI (transl.), Memoirs of Philip Mazzei (Third Installment), in:
p. 1-18
Lenora H.M. SWEENY, Eight Months Company of Continental Army, in: p. 19-24
Mrs. J.E. WARREN, Tompkins Family, in: p. 25-42
J.B.C. NICKLIN, Extracts from the Register of St. Paul's Parish, King George
County, in: p. 43-46
W.H. WHITING Jr., Notes on Major Henry Whiting, in: p. 47-51
C.H. LAMB, British Regulation of Crown Lands in the West, in: p. 52-55
Ann C. MCDONNELL, Chilton and Shelton Two Distinct Virginia Families, in: p.
A.C. GORDON, Portraits in Court House at Staunton, in: p. 64-67
E.C. LEWIS, Richard Townshend, in: p. 67
Supplementary Documents giving Additional Information concerning Four Forms
of Oldes Building at William and Mary College, in: p. 68-86
Genealogical Queries, in: p. 87-96
New Books, p. 97-103
James E. PATE, Constitutional Revision in Virginia affecting the General
Assembly, in: p. 105-22
Mrs. R.S. BARRETT, Marriage Bonds of Norfolk Count (Fifth and Last
Installment), in: p. 123-41
Mrs. V.S. MILBOURNE, The Founding of Luray and Origin of Its Name, in: p.
J.P.C. SOUTHALL, Further Notes concerning the Cocke Families of England, in:
p. 145-60
Armorial Ensigns of the College of William and Mary, in: p. 161-63
Botetourt Statue, in: p. 164
Additional Interesting Historical Material in the Southern Literary
Messenger relating to the College of William and Mary, in: p. 165-67
William SHEPARD, Some Buckingham Soldiers in the War of 1812, in: p. 168-71
R.M. HUGHES, Belles of Williamsburg, in: p. 172
Biographical Note of H.M. Wegner, Artist, in: p. 173
Proposed Reproduction of the Statues of the Realm, in: p. 174
Book Review, p. 175
Genealogical Notes and Queries, in: p. 176-90
E. Clowes CHORLEY, The Planting of the Church in Virginia, in: p. 191-213
Mrs. P.W. HIDEN, Smiths of Middlesex County, Virginia, in:p. 214-20
Mrs. J.E. WARREN, Tompkins Family (Second Installment), in: p. 221-38
William and Mary College, Recently Discovered Documents, in: p. 239-53
Mrs. L.L. CHAPMAN, Isle of Wight Families, in: p. 254-60
Genealogical Notes and Queries, in: p. 261-67
Latin Verses presented by Students of William and Mary College to the
Governor, 1771-74, in: p. 269-74
H.C. IVY, Wilstach's "Tidewater Virginia", in:p. 275-76
Genealogical Notes from General Court Cases, in: p. 277
Edgar Erskine HUME, Letters Written during the War of 1812 by the British
Naval Commander in American Waters (Admiral Sir David Milne), in: p. 279-301
Arthur G. PETERSON, Commerce of Virginia, 1789-1791, in: p. 302-09
Law School of H. St. G. Tucker in Winchester, in: p. 310-11
Sarah ROBERTSON, Virginians in Indiana, in: p. 312-17
Kathrine Cox GOTTSCHALK, Martin Family of Virginia, in: p. 318-22
Speeches of Students of the College of William and Mary delivered May 1,
1699, in: p. 323-37
W.S. MORTON, Portraits at Lower Brandon and Upper Brandon, Virginia, in: p.
G. Mac Laren BRYDON, The Planting of the Church in Virginia. Letter, in: p.
Genealogical Notes and Queries, in: p. 344-51 Book Reviews, p. 352-63

Publishers Review.

Used, worn, marks, however, data is still there.

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