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From: "L.M. 'Stoney' Dyson" <>
Subject: HAIDER / JANDL c1855 now DEU>IA/SD/??,USA
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 11:57:23 -0600

The followin is a first attempt on these lines. All the information I have
at present is oral and included. Religious preference might be Roman Catholic.

1. Martin HAIDER was born about 1855 in Germany.
He was married to Mary JANDL in Germany. Mary JANDL was born about 1855 in
Germany. Children of Martin HAIDER and Mary JANDL were:
+2 i. John HAIDER.
+3 ii. Anna HAIDER.
4 iii. Joe HAIDER. Never married. deceased
+5 iv. Michael Francis HAIDER.
+6 v. Rose HAIDER.
+7 vi. Martin HAIDER.
+8 vii. Matilda HAIDER.
+9 viii. Edmund HAIDER.
10 ix. Caroline HAIDER. lives in Minneapolis, Married at middle age.
+11 x. Katherine HAIDER.
12 xi. Daughter1 HAIDER.
13 xii. Regina HAIDER.

2. John HAIDER died about 1966.
Children of John HAIDER were:
14 i. Peter HAIDER. wife died 1993
15 ii. Tillie HAIDER died. stroke
16 iii. Rozella HAIDER. lives in Denver, Husband in nursing home (1994)
17 iv. Clarence HAIDER.
+18 v. Louise HAIDER.
19 vi. Cecilia HAIDER. lives in Grand Rapids (1994)
20 vii. Leo HAIDER. Still on the farm (1994)
21 viii. Delphine HAIDER. Lost her husband, lives in Iowa (1994)
3. Anna HAIDER.
Children of Anna HAIDER and Edward KOLEGRAFF were:
22 i. Clarence KOLEGRAFF.
23 ii. Berniece KOLEGRAFF.
5. Michael Francis HAIDER was born about 1885 in Iowa. He died about 1956
in SD. Census Taker Probably in the 1920's Zell, South Dakota.
He was married to Elizabeth Kathryn SCHULTE in 1913. Elizabeth Kathryn
SCHULTE was born on 4 Sep 1886 in Zell, South Dakota. She died in 1972 in
Pensacola, FL. She was buried in 1972 in Zell SD. Children of Michael
Francis HAIDER and Elizabeth Kathryn SCHULTE were:
+24 i. Edna Marie HAIDER.
+25 ii. Irene Elizabeth HAIDER.
6. Rose HAIDER.
Rose HAIDER and NELSON had no known children.
7. Martin HAIDER died in 1964.
Children of Martin HAIDER and Clara were:
26 i. Donald HAIDER.
27 ii. James HAIDER was born about 1921.
Children of Martin HAIDER and Irene JUNGWIRTH were:
28 i. Jerry HAIDER.
29 ii. Shirley HAIDER. lives in Anchorage AK.(1994)
8. Matilda HAIDER.
Children of Matilda HAIDER and Max BREWER were:
30 i. Max BREWER died in stroke.
31 ii. Billie BREWER died in stroke.
9. Edmund HAIDER died about 1968.
Children of Edmund HAIDER and Lena HAIDER? were:
32 i. Mary HAIDER. lives with brother, Raymond.
33 ii. Jeanne HAIDER. lives in Germany.
34 iii. Eddie HAIDER. lives in Frankfort, SD
35 iv. Leonard HAIDER.
36 v. Raymond HAIDER was born about Jun 1920. lives in Visalia, Ca.
11. Katherine HAIDER.
Katherine HAIDER and SHERWOOD had no known children.

18. Louise HAIDER.
Louise HAIDER and ESSER had no known children.
24. Edna Marie HAIDER was born in 1914 in San Diego, CA. She died in 1966
in California.
She was married to Donald Wyon PATTERSON in California. Donald Wyon
PATTERSON was born on 14 Sep 1911 in Ashton SD. Children of Edna Marie
HAIDER and Donald Wyon PATTERSON were:
+37 i. Gary Michael PATTERSON.
+38 ii. Doyle Donald PATTERSON.
25. Irene Elizabeth HAIDER was born on 7 May 1917 in Zell, South Dakota.
She was married to Melvin Spencer MILBRANDT in Jan 1941 in Aberdeen SD.
Melvin Spencer MILBRANDT was born on 5 Dec 1917 in Wisconsin. He died on 5
Aug 1974 in Pensacola FL. He was buried in Holy Cross Pensacola, FL.
Children of Irene Elizabeth HAIDER and Melvin Spencer MILBRANDT were:
+39 i. Linda Katherine MILBRANDT.
+40 ii. Sandra Jean MILBRANDT.
+41 iii. Warren Eugene MILBRANDT.
+42 iv. Michael Francis MILBRANDT.
+43 v. Kathryn Ann MILBRANDT.
44 vi. Joan Marie MILBRANDT was born on 1 May 1953 in Pensacola, Florida.
+45 vii. Debra Lauren MILBRANDT.

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