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From: Robert Weinland <>
Subject: Re: Alsace Lorraine - Palatinate
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 1996 15:31:23 +0000

At 19:35 04/03/1996 EST, you wrote:

>>I'll try to gather some information about the glassmakers from
>>Lorraine and the emigration to Lorraine after the Thirty years war
>>and post this soon!
>Thank you ever so much for the information and your help. The
>glassmakers of Lorraine are absolutely fascinating - their history
>and culture. Anything you can find would be of great help to me.
>Thanks again.

- The Thirty Years War (1618-1648)--------------------------------------------
At the end of the Thirty Years War, Lorraine had been devastated and had lost
many of its inhabitants. Lorraine had been devastated both by soldiers and
by the plague.

Croat, Spanish, Swedish, Imperial and French troops had turned Lorraine into
ruins. The memory of the Swedish soldiers who burned houses, killed the
cattle and raped women is still alive today in some villages of Lorraine:
it's called
'Schwedenkrieg'(Swedish War) when one talks of it.

The plague raged from 1623 to 1636. There were 6,000 deaths in Metz in
november 1635.

Rebuilding was made by immigrants who came from France, Switzerland, Bavaria
and Tyrol.

About the Thirty Years War:
Stephane GABER
La Lorraine meurtrie ou les malheurs de la guerre de Trente Ans
Presses universitaires de Nancy, Lorraine, 112 p., 16 x 24 cm

Georges LIVET
La guerre de Trente Ans
Presses universitaires de France, Que sais-je? no 1083, 128 p.,

- Glassmakers in Lorraine ----------------------------------------------------

There are 5 distinct glassmaking areas in Lorraine:
- Argonne
- Bitche/Sarrebourg/Blamont area
- Creutzwald/Forbach area
- Chatel-sur-Moselle/Bainville-aux-Miroirs area
- Voge/Bassigny area

Glassmakers can be traced in Lorraine as soon as the 14th century. Many of
them left this country between 1550 and 1600 as their business was slackening.
Many glassmakers families came back after the end of the Thirty Years War.

About glassmakers of Lorraine:
Charles HIEGEL
Les verreries des regions de Creutzwald, Saint-Avold et Forbach au
XVIIe siecle; in Annuaire de la societe d'histoire et d'archeologie
de la Lorraine, 1975, tome LXXV, pages 45-84

Une famille de verriers d'Argonne (Dorlodot d'Armont)
in Annuaire de la societe d'histoire et d'archeologie de la Meuse,
11, 1974, pages 163-179

Joseph MEGLY
Au pays des verriers : autour de Saint-Louis en Lorraine
Pierron, 1986, 116 p. : ill. en noir et en coul. ; 24 x 24 cm,
Histoires et images, 2-7085-0042-2

Some specialists in glassmakers families of Lorraine:
published in 1982: Schoeneck: la verrerie RASPILLER, 1780-1882

in 1983, published a study about the glassmaking factory of

a specialist in glassmakers families of Saarland and Lorraine.

Hope this helps!


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