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From: "Michael Palmer" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 01:44:15 -800

On Wed, 18 Feb 1998, "DEUBLE Ken (NORQEB)" <> wrote:

> My ancestors emigrated from Germany on board the JOHANN CAESAR or
> JULIUS CAESAR (not too sure of its correct name) departing Hamburg on
> 24th August 1855 and arrived at Moreton Bay, Australia on 8th February
> 1856.
> The passengers of interest are:
> Gottlieb (George) Michael Riethmuller and his son Gottlieb Frederick
> Riethmuller.
> Does any one have information on this ship, the voyage or the above two
> passengers?

The Hamburg bark JOHANN CESAR was built at Reiherstieg, Hamburg, by
Joh[ann] Ces[ar] Godeffroy & Sohn, Hamburg, for its own account, in
1851/52; Bielbrief [certificate of registry] 3 September 1852. 182
Commerzlasten/390 tons; 37,9 x 8,1 x 5,12 meters (length x beam x depth
of hold).

1852-1854 - N. St"ortenbecker
1854-1859 - H. A. G. M"oller
1857 - A. C. Falk
1859-1860 - J. T. S. Hansen
1860-1863 - H. Bruhns
1864-1865 - H. Falck
1865-1867 - H. D. A. Br"uck

1852/1853 - Sydney/Batavia/Semarang
1853/1854 - Melbourne/Valparaiso/Huasco, Chile/Herradura, Chile/
Islay, Peru
1854/1855 - Adelaide/Valparaiso/Caldera, Chile/Islay
1855/1857 - Moreton Bay/intermediate ports/Calcutta
1857/1858 - Sunderland/Totoral, Chile/Valparaiso
1858/1859 - Cape of Good Hope/East London/Bombay/Cochin, India
1859/1860 - Cardiff/intermediate ports/Kronstadt
1860/1861 - Cape of Good Hope/Antwerp
1861/1863 - Nikolajewsk, Amur/intermediate ports/London
1863/1865 - Moreton Bay/intermediate ports/Caldera, Chile/
1865/1867 - Moreton Bay/intermediate ports/Le Havre

In 1867, the JOHANN CESAR was acquired from Goddefroy by her then master,
H. D. A. Br"uck, but was re-acquired by Godeffroy in 1872.

1867- - H. D. A. Br"uck

1872/1873 - Tahiti
1873/1874 - Tahiti
1874/1875 - Tahiti
1875/1879 - Apia/intermediate ports/Liverpool
1879/1880 - laid up 12 months in Hamburg

In 1880, the JOHANN CESAR was "sold Swedish", to Bj"orksgren, Kalmar,
and renamed INGEGERD. I have no information on her later history or
ultimate fate [Walter Kresse, ed., _Seeschiffs-Verzeichnis der Hamburger
Reedereien, 1824-1888_, Mitteilungen aus dem Museum f"ur Hamburgische
Geschichte, N. F., Bd. 5. (Hamburg: Museum f"ur Hamburgische Geschichte,
1969), vol. 1, p. 168].

For possible additional information on the JOHANN CESAR, see the following:
1. Richard Hertz, _Das Hamburger Seehandelshaus J. C. Godeffroy und Sohn
1677-1879_ (Hamburg 1922).
2. Kurt Schmack, _"J. C. Godeffry & Sohn", Kaufleute zu Hamburg,
Leistung und Schicksal eines Welthandelshauses_ (Hamburg 1938).

For a picture of the JOHANN CESAR, contact the

Museum f"ur Hamburgische Geschichte
Holstenwall 24
D-20355 Hamburg

If the Museum does not have a picture of the vessel among its own
collections, it will contact the Godeffroy family and arrange for you to
obtain a copy of any picture of the vessel in the family's private

Turning to passenger records for the voyage on which your ancestors sailed
to Australia, the Hamburg passenger departure lists, delivered to port
authorities before the vessel sailed, often contain information (such as
place of last residence in Germany) that is lacking in U.S. or Australian
passenger arrival lists. The Hamburg departure lists for 1855 survive as
contemporary abstracts, arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the
passenger's surname, then chronologically by the date of departure. These
(abstract) lists have been microfilmed, and you can borrow copies of any
of these microfilms through any LDS (Mormon) Family History Center (Family
History Library microfilm #0473070).

Michael Palmer
Michael Palmer
Claremont, California

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