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From: Dean RussoMetevia <>
Subject: Re:L'émerillon
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 20:19:12 -0700


>From my research, I've determined that the L'Emerillon left La Rochelle
about 3 months previous to landing at New France Nov.12, 1684.
The "Soldiers of Marine", were under the command of : Montortier, Denos
du Rivau. These captains were of the "Regular Army" and returned to France
as soon as possible to fight the enemies of France in Europe. There was no
glory to be gained, to fight the "savages" of the New World.
In my ancestors case ( Jacques Poissant) (on landing) was reassigned to
Cadillac and later Payan DeNoyan.

Jacques Poissant was a Huguenot. Regardless of a prohibition against
Calvinist going to the New World, Jacques wanted to escape from the
religious persecution that led up to the Revocation of the Edict of Nates.

Because of the many unknowns, in the wilderness of the New World, it was
not an easy chore to enlist young men for the journey. France was in a
time of prosperity and the New world was attractive only ... for the
freedom and adventure.
The Fur Trade was the big happening and the Huguenots were attracted to
that sort of thing as they were ... often times ... merchants and traders
by profession
There is no mention of the fate of the L'Emerillon, I suspect that it
simply fell apart until it was no longer fit to sail. In the Caribbean,
wood worms sank a ship in something like 5 years.
How did you come by the name of the L'Emerillon ?

(San Diego)

Paul Robida wrote:

> Jacques Cartier made three trips to the New World. The ship
> L'émerillon made the second and third trips departing from St. Malo on
> both occassions. More than 100 years later Antoine and Thomas
> Crissafy(Troupes de la Marine) came to New France (about 1684) with a
> company of soldiers aboard the L'émerillon. It's not likely that it's
> the same ship but I would like to learn the history of both vessels.
> My understanding is that most vessels of those days were sold for
> scrap. Anybody know if that is what happened to both these vessels?
> One of my ancestors came across on the second ship (1684) and I would
> like to learn where it departed from if possible.
> Paul

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