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From: sdr12198 <>
Subject: History of Finiculi Finicula
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 09:49:48 -0700

Hi All
The history of the name of the song Finiculi Finicula originates from
the Isle of Capri off the coast of Sorrento. In the early 1950's in the
main port of Capri the Italian Government built a Tram that climbed the
hill to the city of Capri. It was for passengers and supplies. It is not
a tram in the classical sense. It operates on the ground and climbs the
hill. It is a bit bumpy but not bad at all to ride. However the Italian
population would not ride it as they were afraid of it. Therefore it sat
idle most of the time. So the local government hired a advertising
company to promote the use of the tram. They tried many approaches and
none seemed to work. They then had the song written [Finiculi Finicula]
that became world famous. The experiment was successful and today the
tram is used by everyone.

PS I have tried to get sheet music for the words it is available but it
will take some work on the internet. start with this web site
<> and then type in Sheet Music Finiculi Finicula

Ciao Steve and Ginny Della Rocchetta

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