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Subject: Color Track System Genealogy Forms
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 23:10:25 -0800

Color Track System Genealogy Research Forms

The Color Track System is a unique line of color coordinated genealogy
research forms designed for enhanced research organization and ease of use.
Just fill in the blanks!

This line consists of five (5) products.
1) Genealogy Research Notebook
2) Genealogy Research Notebook Refill
3) Genealogy Research Notepad
4) Individual Data Sheets
5) Census Timeline Tracking Sheets

Each product is available in four (4) color choices: Blue, Rose, Green and

With four (4) colors to choose from, you can separate your lines of ancestry
for easy recognition at a glance! Designed for versatility, you assign each
line a separate color, assign one color for male ancestors and another for
female ancestors or simply pick your favorite color.

1) Genealogy Research Notebook: This is a mini 6-ring binder filled with 100
specially designed research note sheets. The notebook comes with a section
for each of the four (4) colors. Each section is divided by a
surname/pedigree divider card of the same coordinating color. The card
unfolds to display a 6 3/4" x 10 1/4" 4-Generation pedigree chart. On the
reverse side of the chart is spaces to list up to 42 primary and/or allied
surnames that relate to that particular line of ancestry. Each section
contains 25 research notepages. The notebook is great to carry along on
your research trip to the library, cemetery, newspaper or archives and is
just the right size to fit in a purse, briefcase, glovebox or totebag so you
will always have it handy. Refills are available. Retail price: $14.95

2) Genealogy Research Notebook Refill: Refill package for Genealogy Research
Notebook described above. Refill package is complete with everything that
comes inside the Research Notebook! Filler sheets are 3 3/4" x 6 3/4".
Retail prices: $8.95

3) Genealogy Research Notepads: The genealogy research notepads are designed
to be used while researching on the computer but can be used with any form
of research! The notepad is a padded version of the research notepages
provided in the research notebook. The notepad has a place to fill in the
name, date and place of birth, parents and spouse names and a place to
circle your source. The bottom half of the notepad has a space for
additional notes. This notepad frees you up to spend more time researching
and less time writing!

No more repetitive writing of words such as name, date of birth, place of
birth etc. This helps make sense of your notes once you get done with your
research and because they are color coordinated, you know instantly what
line of ancestry the notes belong to. No more asking yourself who is this
person? Or what is this date for? Or where did I find this information?
After entering the information into your permanent records you can discard
your notes. The notepads are 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and come in pads of 50 research
notepages. Available in single pads or multi packages of four (4) pads ( 1
of each color). Retail Price: Single pad $2.95 - 4 Pack pads $9.95.

4) Individual Data Sheets: This is an 8 1/2" x 11" two-sided form printed in
coordinating colors on heavyweight 67lb bristol cover stock and punched with
three holes to fit a standard 3-ring binder available in most discount and
stationery stores. This form allows you to collect information on a given
ancestor for quick reference.

Input the information from this form into your genealogy software program
and keep this form in a notebook for quick reference. The form has a
section for documenting birth and ancestry information, marriage
information, death information (including cause of death and headstone
inscription), a section to list up to 16 children, a section for church and
baptism information, occupations, residences, military service and land
records. On the reverse side of the form, there is a section which lists
supporting documents common to genealogy research. You can simply check the
boxes to indicate which supporting documents you have on file. There is
three (3) sections for additional notes and a unique section to list the
names, addresses and telephone numbers of three living descendants of the
individual. This comes in handy when you need more information on the
ancestor or when planning a family reunion! The Individual Data Sheets are
sold in packages of (20). Retail prices is $5.95.

5) Census Timeline Tracking Sheets: This is an 11" x 17" form folded
outwardly in half. The form consists of four (4) columns for documenting
information found in four different census years for a given household.

This form lets you track the dynamics of a family household from census year
to census year at a glance. Easily compare for discrepancies. This form is
designed to be used in census years beginning in 1850. Taking into account
the fire destroyed 1890 census, this form can span from 40-60 years of an
adult's life-span. Begin the form when the ancestor becomes
head-of-household. Prior to that the ancestor would be listed on their
parents form.

This form is very beneficial for understanding the overall dynamics of a
household over numerous years. Especially since many people went by a given
name in one year and a middle or nick name in another year. Sold in
packages of (20) forms. Retail price: $5.95

Prices valid through December 31, 2003

To view details of the Color Track System or purchase these forms online
please visit: . Major credit cards
accepted through PayPal.

In Canada you may purchase the Color Track System online at Ancestor Find, .

Also available for purchase online at Genealogy Today Marketplace:

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