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From: "Helen" <>
Subject: [GM] Philadelphia Quakers, Tercenary Album
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 03:27:07 -0500

Philadelphia Quakers, 1681 - 1981, A Tercentary Family Album, by Robert H. Wilson, Design by Raymond A. Ballinger, under the auspices of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Gray cloth covered hardback with white printing, 8-1/2 x 11, 132 pages, full page color illustration of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and numerous black and white pictures, portraits, drawings, facsimile documents, and many old original meeting houses and buildings are depicted. This book was apparently a gift to a favorite school teacher and the inside covers are filled with touching inscriptions from his students. They are an unexpected joy to read. The illustrated dust cover has a number of chunks out of it, mostly along the bottom of the cover and a small closed tear at the top. The pages of the book itself are in near pristine condition, a presumed first edition, and it would be hard to find a book that offered the look back in time that this one does. Contents include:

First Quakers in America
Gerge Fox in the Delaware Valley
Quaker Settlement in West Jersey
Across the Delaware
On Tred Avon River
The "Holy Experiment" in Pennsylvania
Proprietor and Governor
William Penn
The Name "Pennsylvania"
Penn and His Province
"A Greene Country Towne"
Caleb Pusey's Plantation - 1683
George Fox's Gift to Philadelphia
The Yearly Meeting is Organized - 1681
William Penn was Here - Pictures of the old meeting houses
Elizabeth Simms and the John Martin Trust
The Nottingham Lots
Greenwich in Fenwick Colony
Lower Alloway's Creek Meeting
Elizabeth Haddon of Haddonfield
Quaker Romance - Longfellow Version
Brinton 1704 House - Squib on Brinton, the houjse & pictures
Samuel Powel(l), I, II, and III
A Gentleman of Universal Learning (Samuel Logan)
"Thee was willing enough..."
Primitive Hall - Joseph and Mary LEvis Pennock
The Shipleys and "WIllingtown"
Benjamin Lay, Quaker Protester
The Quaker Botanists-I: John Bartram and Humphrey Marshall
Wistars and Wisters
Wyck - Home of Nine Quaker Generations
Grumblethorpe and Wister's Woods
Notes for the Tercentenary: 1) Meetings for Business-1676;
2) Petticoats, Snuff and Fans - 1726; 3) Paid Political
Announcement - 1744
Franklin and the Quakers
Franklin's Quaker Friends
Thomas Denham
Joseph Breintnal
The Autobiography
The State House Bell
Penn's "Seed of a Nation"
"Quaker Saints":
Anthony Benezet; John Woolman; Woolman's Journal
Indian War in Pennsylvania
The Paxton Boys
Quakers Resist the Stamp Act and the Tax on Tea
Two Ships Names Polly
Quaker or Not Quaker
Congress and the Quakers
Nicholas Waln and Burholme
The Story of Elizabeth Griscom (Betsy Ross)
The Battle at Birmingham Meeting
Congress Orders Quaker Leaders Arrested
The Virginia Exiles
British Redcoats in Philadelphia
Dinner With George Washington
The Massacre at Hancock's Bridge
The Story of Lydia Barrington (Lydia Darragh)
Strange Goings-On at a Quaker Mansion
Two Quakers Hanged in Philadelphia: Abraham Carlisle and
John Roberts
The Free Quakers
The Quaker Revolution
President Washington Writes to Philadelphia Meeting
The Story of Dorothea Payne (Dolley Madison)
Quaker Craftsmanship: Crosswicks Chairs, William Savery,
Daniel Trotter and Ephraim Haines, Thomas Affleck, Furniture
for Congress, Quaker Clockmakers, WIndsor Chairs, The
Governor Penn Chairs
Philadelphia Friends and the Indians
Grant's Peace Policy
Orthodox and Hicksite
Arch Street and Race Street
Friends Journal
Quaker Silversmiths
Quaker Needlework
Quaker Weddings
Quaker Romance - 1821-1837 (Edward Garrett & Abigail Sellers
Edward Hicks and The Peaceable Kingdom
The Strange Friend of London Grove Meeting
Silhouettes: The Sansom Family; Rosaalie Bye's "Quakers"
Friends and Slavery
The Underground Railroad
Lucretia Mott
Friends and Education: Penn Charter School; Wilmington
Friends School; Germantown Friends School; Moorestown
Friends School; Westtown School-1799; The Gummere School;
George School; Toughkenamon Boarding School; Allen
Flitcraft's School
Two Schools and their Real Estate: Abington & Friends Select
Three Quaker -Founded Colleges: Haverford; Swaqrthmore;
Bryn Mawr
The Great Meeting House
Meetings and Meeting Houses
Atlantic City Hotel-Keepers: Chalfonte and Shelburne
Haddon Hall; The Dennis (Burlington Friends School, Wm.
Marlborough-Blenheim; The Traymore; Other Quaker Hotels,
Hotelmen and Teachers
Quaker Botanists II - The Tyler Arboretum
Friends Boarding Homes
Anna T. Jeanes and Stapeley Hall
The Quaker Botanists III - Longwood Gardens
Quaker Golfers
Quaker Motto Calendars
Friends Hospital
Pendle Hill
Friends Retirement Communities: Foulkeways, Kendal &
Crosslands, Friends Center-Philadelphia
Friends General Conference
American Friends Service Committee
A Quaker Communithy; Wills Eye Hospital; William Bancroft and
the Woodlawn's Trustees
Fairmont Park - Expanded 1843 by Thomas P. Cope - pix &
Portrait; George's Hill;
America's Oldest Business
Cheyney State College
Strawbridge and Clothier
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company
Sarah Williamson's Free School
Lukens Steel Corporation
The Female Medical College
Provident Life and Trust Company
Jeanes Hospital
Wharton School of Finance and Commerce
The Quaker City (A page with a statue of Penn and streetsigns
honoring early Quaker families and related topics.)

A wonderful book for those with Quaker ties.

$40 media mail postage paid

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