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From: Anders Berg <>
Subject: Re: Descent from Egypt
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 20:07:03 GMT

> (Todd A. Farmerie) writes:
> One problem with this descent is that there are serious doubts that Leo VI
> the Wise (93) was son of Basil I the Macedonian, (92) and not Michael
> (III?) the Stammerer, whose mistress was Basil's wife, and Leo's mother.

Ostrogorsky thinks Leo was the son of Basil:
"The question as to whether Leo VI was the legitimate son of Basil I or the
son of Michael III has been frequently and hotly disputed, but it can now be
taken as proved
that he was the son of Basil I" (_History of the Byzantine State_).
(what this proof is is not clear from the book, he gives references)

However, we need only go one generation further back to find another very
link in Vigeland's line.
Ostrogorsky again:
"It is also far from certain that he [Basil I] was of Armenian extraction, as
is usually assumed,
and as is asserted with great conviction by Adontz, 'Basile I' ."


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