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From: Habitat Service Co Pty Ltd <>
Subject: Re: Undergrad question of Medival society
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 1995 09:34:31 +1100

>DZ says that Marxism broke down "first", by which I assume he means "before
>capitalism." That of course is wrong. Capitalism broke down decades ago.
>It was tried and its failures were apparent to everyone, so it was
>abandoned. Marxism as an economic, social and political system has never
>been tried. Marxism as a method of analysis, such as for the decay of
>societal structures, can be sound and productive.
>[Sorry, I hope I am not opening a tangential string, but some expressions
>of ignorance are so profound that they cannot stand unchallenged.]
>Congratulations,I where not able to express myself in this way, I am
getting old 70+ but I am fully in support of what You are saying.


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