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From: Haakon Tangvald-Pedersen <>
Subject: King Olav (St) II of Norway's ancestry.
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 01:03:24 +0100
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> How was King Olav (St) II of Norway (who acceded 1016, & died 1030)
> related to the previous Kings of Norway.
> I understand his father was Harald Grenlander (Gudredsson),
> but who was Harold's father ? ( was he Eiriksson Gudred ? )
St.Olav (also called Olav Digre, 'the Big/Fat'!) traced his descent back to
Harald Haarfagre (Fairhair), as all norwegian kings had to. His father was
Harald Grenske, a local 'king' in Grenland (along the coast SW of Oslo);
it is said he was killed attempting to woo (sp?) the swedish princess
Sigrid Storraade (*proudneck') (she was later rejected by king Olav I
Tryggvason). Harald Grenske was son of Gudroed (otherwise unknown),
which i believe was one of many sons of Harald Haarfagre. - There might
be another generation there; I don't remember now without my books.

All this info can be found in the classical 'Saga of the Norwegian Kings' by
Snorre Sturlason, an Icelandic scholar and politician in the 13.century. Any
well-supplied library should have it. Here in Norway it is part of our national

Haakon Tangvald-Pedersen

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