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From: Jared Olar <>
Subject: Ketil Krok and Ketel, Baron Kendal
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 17:22:12 -0600
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On Wed, 13 Mar 1996, R. Leutner wrote:

> I haven't made time to pursue the question since I'm not sure yet I can
> claim the descent anyway, but Weis 34:23 says Gunnilda, daughter of
> Gospatric I & the famous "sister of Edmund", married "Orm, son of Ketel,
> Baron Kendal." Is this Ketel of Kendal kin to Ketel Krok (as it were)?

This is a follow-up on my post earlier today. I was curious to find out
whether or not Ketel, Baron Kendal, was any sort of near contemporary of
Ketel Krok. Here is a chart lining things up, based primarily upon
ANCESTRAL ROOTS, charts 34 and 38:

1 2
Aelfflaed===AETHELRED II===Emma Godwine
| d.1016 | _______|_________
| | | | |
Uchtred===Aelfgifu EADWARD=(Sister) HAROLD II Tostig
d.1016 | ________________________| |?
| ???| | | |
Maldred===Ealdgyth | Eadmund Gytha KETIL KROK
d.1045 | |
| |
Gospatric I===('Sister of KETEL
d.1075 | Eadmund') Baron Kendal
| (Son of Eldred, Baron Kendal)
________|________ ______________|____
| | | |
Sigrid===Waltheof Gunnhild===Orm Gilbert(Kilvert)
living | | of Seaton 4th. Baron Kendal
1126 | | |
| | |
Gunnhild===Uchtred Gospatric William I de Lancaster
| de Galloway d.1179 5th. Baron Kendal
| d.1174 d.1170
| |
| Avicia de Lancaster
| md.Richard de Morville,
| d.1189
|____________ ____________|
| |
Roland de Galloway===Elena de Morville
d.19 Dec. 1200 d.11 June 1217

Note that Ketil Krok, reputed son of Earl Tostig, is more or less
contemporaneous with Ketel, son of Eldred, Baron Kendal. Snorri
Sturluson omitted the Icelandic tradition that Ketil Krok and his brother
Skuli were sons of Tostig, saying rather that these two were of noble
English extraction. Is it possible that Skuli was a brother of Ketel,
Baron Kendal, son of Eldred?
I doubt there is any reason, beyond the name and the
chronological correlation, to identify Ketil Krok as Ketel, Baron
Kendal. The Icelandic tradition making them sons of Tostig could be true
after all.
(A final note about Gospatric's wife, 'sister of Eadmund.' There
is no proof that this Eadmund was King Harold II's son Eadmund, but it is
chronologically plausible, even if utterly unprovable--that's why I used
three question marks.)

Jared Olar

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