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From: Peppelenbos <>
Subject: JOCHEM, YOCHEM, JOKUM, etc. ---> Information about JOACHIM
Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 22:50:59 GMT

Jochem Peppelenbos

The Netherlands
This article contains information about the name Jochem, Yochum,
Achim, Akim, etc. = JOACHIM

Some time ago, someone in soc.genealogy.german asked for some
information about the surname Jochem, Yochem, Jokum, or something like
that. I didn't know that this name was also a surname, I only know it
as a first name: Jochem is my own first name. But, as I dindn't know
the meaning of this name, I did some research and this is what I
found: (words between [ and ] are my personal comments):
A Dictionary of First Names, Hanks & Hodges, Oxford University Press,
JOACHIM. English, French, German, Polish, etc. Derrivate of the
Biblical Hebrew name Johoiachin ("established by God"), borne by a
king of Judah who was defeated by Nebuchadnezzar and carried off
into Bafylonian exile (2 Kings 24). Alternatively, it may be a erivate
of the name of the father of this king, Jehoiakim. The reason for the
great popularity of the name in Christian Europe is that in medieval
Christian tradition it was the name commonly ascribed to the father of
the Virgin Mary. (Other names assigned to him include Cleopas,
Eliachim, Heli, Jonahir and Sadoc). He is not named at all in the
Bible, but with the growth of the cult of Mary many legends grew up
about her early life, and her parents came to be venerated as saints
under the names JOACHIM and ANNE. Cognates: Gioac(c)hino (Italy) /
Joaquin (Spain) / Joaquim (Portugal) / Jochim, Jochem, Jochen; Achim
(Germany) / Joakim (Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden) / Jokum
(Denmark, Norway) / Jockum (Denmark) / Jachym (Czechia) / Yackim, Akim
(Russia). Pet form: Kima (Russia).

Dictionary of Proper Names, A.Room, Cassell, New York, 1992:
JOACHIM. The name is represented in the Bible in its fuller form
Jehoiakim that of the second son of Josiah. It derives from Hebrew
Yehoyaqim ("Yah (i.e. Jehovah [= personal name of God]) will
establish". In Christian tradition, Joachim is the name of the father
of the Virgin Mary.

Jewish Family Names and their origins, an ethymological Dictionary,
H.W. Guggenheimer & E.H. Guggenheimer, Ktav Publishing House, ?, 1992:
JOACHIM (male): Septuagint [I don't know what this means, do you?]
Greek form of Hebrew proper names Yehoyaqim (Second Book of Kings 23,
36; an evil king), Yehoyakin (2 Kings 24:6, the ancestor of the
Exilarchs who ruled over Babylonian Jewry for more than 1000 years)
and Yoyaqim (Nehemia 12:10, a Levite). Short forms: Akim (Akimian),
Jachim, Yochim. Patronymics [surnames, meaning "the son of Joachim" or
something like that]: Joachimovitz, Joachimowicz, Jachimowicz,
Jachmovitz (Slavic countries [like Russia, Poland, Czechia and the
former Yugoslavia]) / Joachimsohn (German) / Jachman (Hebrew, German).
Diminutive form [which means "Little Joachim", or something like
that]: Jachmovitz.
Note: The German forms of the name JOACHIM, like Jochem, Jochum, etc.
are also used in The Netherlands and Belgium.

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