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From: Rafal Prinke <>
Subject: Sigrid/Gunhild
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 18:46:24 +0200

Anders Berg <anders.berg%PI.SE> wrote:

>>suceeded by Olaf who must have been mature by then. And Adam says
>>quite confidently that Svein's wife was his mother - so the error
>>would indeed be big.
>So where is Adam right and where is he wrong? :-)
>The errors by Adam are evident in many places, the statement that
>Svein's wife was Olaf's mother may also be a slight mistake.

Of course it may - just as anything. But this does not mean
the sagas are right. Note that neither Thietmar nor Adam
mention any other wives of Eric or Swein but the Polish one.
Why would they miss the Scandinavian one if she was so important
as the sagas picture her?

>a genealogist. Also, writing "sister or daughter" does not
>necessarily mean that the rest of the Scholium is less trustworthy.
>You can argue that Adam wanted to get things right, so he specifically
>noted the point in which he was in doubt. Regarding Boleslaw being
>called "rex", that's natural since Adam wrote the scholium some 50 (?)
>years after the coronation. It would only have confused his
>contemporaries not to call Boleslaw king. He must have been known as
>"king of Poland".

Indeed, that was my point :-) But the same reasoning should apply
to his saying "Boleslaw _gave_" in the same sentence. Thietmar
is certainly more reliable here - especially as he generally knows
more about Poland.

>We all agree that the sagas are not to be trusted in this matter.
>However, _if_ we still want to use Snorri (and apparantly Balzer does)
>to find a name for the Polish princess married to 1. Eric and 2. Svein,
>isn't Gunnhild a better try than Sigrid?

I agree on this.

>Well, I think we have exhausted this subject by now. There are different
>theories, not much more can be said!

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