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From: Kathryn Graham <>
Subject: Re: PALMERS
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 07:12:48 -0700

>I am a Denison (Morgan, Avery, Brewster, Starr... etc, etc...), and am
>interested in pursuing the lines of any Denisons, since nobody else (ie
>the Denison Society) seems to be doing it. We have a lot of Palmers
>(even a Grace, married to Thomas Minor). Do you know if there is a tie
>(there's gotta be - right? Stonington was a SMALL town). I'd be happy
>to give you any information that I have, and keep an eye out for
>pertinent genealogy material for you, and maybe even take you to lunch
>when I come visit my new-found "cousin" Louisa Alger in Mystic for the
>4th of July.

Sounds yummy, will someone have a lobster roll for me?

I have the article (as a text file) from NEHGR disproving the Minor lineage
if you are interested and a pile of Avery data (also as a text file).

I would be more than happy to share.

I have the following on the Denison family which needs help. You can't tell
from this mess but I like to have all the siblings and their marriage data
to include in-laws. I do have cites for some of this but that part is only
partially entered. I have been working on this for a cousin (not on the
Dennison line) so if this is your line you have a cousin in Washougal, WA.


Born 3 Feb 1571, Bishop Stortford, Herts, England, died 25 Jan
1653, Roxbury, Massachusetts. Married 7 Nov 1603, Bishop Stortford, Herts,
England, MARGARET CHANDLER, born 13 Oct 1577, Bishop Stortford, Herts,
England, died 25 Feb 1645, Roxbury, Massachusetts. William and Margaret

2 i GEORGE DENNISON, born 10 Dec 1620

Born 10 Dec 1620, died 23 Oct 1694, Hartford, Connecticut. Married
ANN BORODELL, born 17 Mar 1615, Bishop Stortford, Herts, England, died 26
Sept 1712, Stonington, Connecticut; daughter of John Borodell and Anne
Broughton. George and Ann had:

3 i JOHN DENNISON, born 14 June 1646, Roxbury, Massachusetts

Born 14 June 1646, Roxbury, Massachusetts, died 1698, Stonington,
Connecticut. Married 26 Nov 1667, Saybrook, Connecticut, PHEBE LAY, born 5
Jan 1651, Saybrook, Connecticut, died 1699, Stonington, Connecticut;
daughter of Robert Lay and Sarah (Fenner) Tully. (ref: Gen of May Fam, Vol
2, pg 565-566). John and Phebe had:

i Phebe Dennison, born 1667, Stonington, Connecticut, died young

ii John Dennison, born 1 Jan 1669, Stonington, Connecticut

4 iii GEORGE DENNISON, born 28 Mar 1671, Stonington, Connecticut
iv Robert Denison, born 17 Sept 1673, Stonington, Connecticut

v William Dennison, born 7 Apr 1677, Stonington, Connecticut

vi Daniel Dennison, born 28 Mar 1680, Stonington, Connecticut

vii Samuel Dennison, born 23 Feb 1683, Stonington, Connecticut,
died young

viii Ann Dennison, born 3 Oct 1684, Stonington, Connecticut

ix Sarah Dennison, born 29 July 1692, Stonington, Connecticut

x Phebe Dennison, born between 1684 and 1692, Stonington, Connecticut

Born 28 Mar 1671, Stonington, Connecticut, died 22 Jan 1720, New
London, Connecticut. Married 1693, New London, Connecticut, MARY WETHERALL,
born 7 Oct 1688, New London, Connecticut, died 22 May 1711, New London,
Connecticut; daughter of Daniel Wetherall and Grace Brewster. George and
Mary had:

5 i DANIEL DENNISON, born 27 June 1703, New London, Connecticut

Born 27 June 1703, New London, Connecticut, died 2 Feb 1748, New
London, Connecticut. Married 14 Nov 1726, New London, Connecticut, RACHEL
STARR, born 15 Sept 1705, New London, Connecticut, died 4 Feb 1791, New
London, Connecticut, buried Ft. Griswold, Connecticut; daughter of Thomas
Starr and Mary Morgan. Daniel and Rachel had:

i MARY DENNISON, born 19 Aug 1728, New London, Connecticut, died
1817. Married JAMES THOMPSON. See the Thompson Family.

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