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From: "David C. Blackwell" <>
Subject: passengers of the ship Assurance July 1635
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 17:21:18 EDT

>Pamela Wojahn wrote:
>> Henry George and son John George came to America in boat "Assurance" in
>> July 1635 and brought 221 passengers of distinguished families with
>> them. They may have even paid for their passage. The George family is
>> armigerous.
>Who were those 221 passengers on the "Assurance?"
>W. David Samuelsen

This looks like a question for the Great Migration Project.

Robert Charles Anderson has just published the first three volumes
which are being sold by NEHGS
Their online web sales catalog
is from last winter so it does not have the books listed yet.
So if anyone is interested you can email them:
It may have been described in their NEXUS news publication.

Incidently, the ship Assurance and the family George does not show up
in _The Planters of The Commonwealth_ by Charles Edward Banks pub. 1930.
So where is the Assurance arriving (I assumed Boston)
and what is your source?

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