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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 17:31:42 -1000

When I initiated this thread on 27 September, I indicated that my
immediate short-term goal was to determine, within an order of magnitude,
[power of 10] how many Descendants of Charlemagne are living today.

We can now answer that question as follows:

The number of Living Descendants of Charlemagne [LDOC] is more
than 10^8 and less than 10^9. [10^8 < # of LDOC < 10^9] Another way of
saying the same thing, is that the number of Living Descendants of Charlemagne
is more than 100 million folks and less than 1 billion. This first
approximation is subject to further investigation and revision upon receipt
of new data.

Further, we can take, as an estimated benchmark, also subject to
further investigation and revision, a figure of 600 million [6 x 10^8]
as a focal point for further study.

Knowledgable Europeans have recently told me that half [50%]
of the entire European population is descended from Charlemagne.
The World Almanac and Book of Facts 1996, p. 838, indicates that the
population of Europe, in 1995, was 509 million. Therefore over 250
million of them can be expected to descend from Karl der Grosse. This
figure for Europe does not include Russia or any of the former territory
of the USSR.

Adding this 250 plus million to the 100 million that Gary Boyd
Roberts appears to be saying are in the United States gives us a total
of over 350 million, without any consideration at all being given to the
rest of North America, all of Central and South America, the former
Soviet Union, the Magreb, Oceania and Australia----not to mention Silk Road
and Crusader spinoffs and other interesting vignettes, sagas and one-night stands.

The tentative benchmark figure of 600 million descendants would mean
that approximately one person in 10 alive today is a Descendant of Charlemagne.

In light of the corrosive power of such a large number---for the
Living Descendants of Carolus Magnus----eating away at the arrogance, ignorance
and hauteur of superficial and shortsighted analysis-----can anyone feel he or
she is a member of some hypothetical Chosen Elite if invited to a small party for the
cognoscenti, where the guest list is for 600 million of the faithful?

D. Spencer Hines-----Exitus acta probat----President George Washington (1732-1799)

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