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From: Jake Kalyta <>
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 04:26:32 LOCAL

In article <> Alexander Agamov <> writes:
>Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 00:23:48 +0300
>From: Alexander Agamov <>

>Jake Kalyta wrote:

>> Excuse my boldness for interupting this thread but this is my
>first time
>> scanning this group and I am unfamiliar with protocol.
>> I am researching my family surname Kalita. I do not know if there
>is a
>> genealogical link but the name first seems to appear as Kalita, Ivan I,
>> of Lithuania born in 1301. His lineage traces back to Rurik, Price of
>> born about 800. As my information is very scant any help in this regard
>> be greatly appreciated.
>> Jake

> At the times of Ivan I Danielovich Gr.Prince of Moscovien (1.Oct.1288-31
>Mar1340) 'Kalyta' meant bag or belt. They were symbols of riches and
>zealousness. Thus 'Kalita' is a nickname and any person in Russia or in
>Ukraine might have it. Maybe You have Slav roots ?

>Alexander Agamov
>Moscow, Russia

A genealogic link to Ivan I is unlikely but the history is interesting. My
ancestors were known as the Rus. I attended a little country school by that
name, the historic account of the name was that it was a shortening of the
name Ruthenian . The Ukrainian reference to these people was "Rewsini".
History suggests that they migrated with Rurik from the Roslagen County in
Sweden. Blond and blue eyes is a family trait. I have not been able to find
historic references to the Rus before 800 AD.
According to family folklore the Kalita's were money couriers hence the name.
(money bags) The Period Russian surname dictionary indicates its origin as a
name given to a peasant in, I believe, 1539. What is the likelyhood that other
people may have adopted this surname?


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