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From: Gordon Fisher <>
Subject: Re: Gaillaird/Gaylard
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 14:36:01 -0500

A small and perhaps not entirely reliable contribution to this thread:

11th ggf of Gordon Fisher


"Nicholas Gaylord -- His will dated 25 Mar. 1546, proved 8 Apr. 1546. He m.
Joan ---, who m. (2) Giles Alvyn of Pitminster. Her will dated 28 Aug.
1572, proved 31 Aug. 1572. Giles Alvyn's will dated 4 May 1567, proved 17
Aug. 1572. Nicholas Gaylord's will failed to list his sons, byt they are
listed in Joan's will and in the will of Giles Alvyn."
--- Burton Spear, *... Mary & John 1630*, v 17, 1992, p 162

>From same, p 161-162: "One family of Somerset that has been very
extensively searched for many years is the Gaylord family. At least two
Gaylord families came from Somerset. Alice Gaylord, bpt. 10 May,
Pitminster, wife of Richard Treat of Wethersfield, CT. and William Gaylord
of Windsor, CT. who lived in Crewkerne between at least 1617 and 1624, when
he had children baptized there. The ancestry of Alice has been traced to
her grandfather Nicholas Gaylord (will: 1546), but nothing has been proven
on William prior to the baptism of, presumably his first child, William
Gaylord, Jr., 28 Dec. 1617 in Crewkerne. (P) Although many articles have
been written on the Gaylord family of Somerset, one of the most clearly
written was in TAG Vol. 58 p. 218-223 (1980), was titled "The English
Ancestry of Deacon William Gaylord, New Light & Observations", by Benjamin
H. Gaylord. It admittedly does not "prove" the ancestry of William Gaylord
but it does detail the ancestry of Alice Gaylord. (P) Benjamin H. Gaylord
hired a professional genealogist in London to study the Gaylords of
Somerset. He found that there were three main branches in the county, at
Pitminster, Drayton & Long Sutton. But, the only transcripts available at
the Society of Genealogists in London were for Pitminster. He comments that
study of the Drayton & Long Sutton families will require local research
(Taunton or Wells), because only the marriages were available in London
(1980), and will abstracts did not reveal enough information to construct
connected pedigrees."

Gordon Fisher

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