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From: Stewart Baldwin <>
Subject: Re: The Bible and genealogy
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 1997 17:52:01 GMT

Hal <> wrote:


>Mr. Baldwin: I do not wish to continue the discussion. But, if you will
>look at the beginnings of the thread, it started as a discussion of
>genealogical links to the Bible. Now is that truly off-topic, or are you
>merely reacting to mention of genealogy in the Bible?

As I recall, the thread started with someone asking if Bible
genealogies are reliable, which is certainly off-topic for this group.
My reason for pointing out that this is off-topic is that this
newsgroup has been getting an increasing number of postings which have
absolutely nothing to do with medieval genealogy, and not just from
this thread. As you can see, this thread has already started to
degenerate into an evolution-creationism debate from people who are
either unaware of the basic rules of netiquette, or think that those
rules do not apply to them. This is exactly what I was worried about
when I first posted the fact that this is off-topic. I have been
right in the middle of evolution-creationism debates on numerous
occasions [I'm not going to say on which side, lest I be accused of
participating in the debate :-)], and I know from experience that such
debates can get quite emotional [and VERY long-winded]. I don't think
we want that to happen here.

Thus, an appeal to those who have started this debate: PLEASE STOP.
It is a perfectly valid topic of discussion in other forums, but it is
not appropriate here.

Stewart Baldwin

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