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Subject: Re: Genghis Khan (was: The Bible and genealogy)
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 19:06:43 -0500

D. Spencer Hines wrote:
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> Smashing! An artful segue out of this Biblical cul de sac would be to
> reactivate the Genghis Khan thread. After all, Temuchin was Medieval to=
> and a much better warrior than William I The Lion of Scotland. We have =
> entirely too much of this Eurocentric Medieval Genealogy. How about a
> concerted effort to identify the principal lines of Genghis Khan? Ther=
> may well turn out to be far more people descended from him than Edward =
> King of England.
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This is what I have on Genghis Khan in a manuscript for a book called
"CONN: Genealogies of Selected Families" by Arthur, Krutar, and Trimble.
My co-authors are not at fault for including this chapter -- I diid it
more for fun
than for scholarship. I am interested in improving the chapter, but as
a Conn
descendant with red haiir and gray eyes, I have one special question for
thiis news group:

Is there any historical evidence that Genghis Khan had red hair
and gray eyes? Or did Taylor Caldwell make that up?

Rudy Krutar, Connealogiist=20
MNG. Mongol Khans

That Mongol leaders were known as Conns or Caans is surely a
coincidence. Nevertheless, we trace the ancestry of those Khans to:
MNG-0. Kabal Khan.
MNG-1. _______ of the Merkit clan

* Olive Beaupr=E9 Miller, A Picturesque Tale of Progress, vol.7
=93Explorations=94, part I., pp.25-139.
* Taylor Caldwell, The Earth is the Lord=92s, =A91940: Charles Scribner=92=
Sons, fourth printing: Pyramid Books (New York) 1970.

MNG-0. KABAL KHAN, who once pulled the emperor of Cathay by the beard;
ancestor of:
MNG-2. Ye-su-kai, chief of the Yakka.
MNG-3. To=92ghrul Khan of the Ka-rait=92 tribe.
MNG-4. Lotchu, half-brother to Yesukai.

* Miller, pp.28, 30.

MNG-1. _______ of the Merkit clan, forest-dwelling active traders.
MNG-6. Kerelen, literate traveler, crippled half-brother of:
MNG-7: Houlon, =3D. Yesukai (MNG-2.), chief of the Yakka.

* Caldwell, p.9.

MNG-2. YE-SU-KAI, Mighty Manslayer, chief of the Yakka / Great Mongol
nomads, of the round-headed, black-eyed Alpine race called Tartars by
=3D:(1) Houlon (MNG-7:).
MNG-8. Temujin (the Finest Steel), named after a recently slain enemy
of his father; * 1162 (Year of the Swine), in northern Gobi Desert hair
as red-gold as the evening sunset; gray eyes of the Bourchikoun, as gray
as the desert sands; born clenching a prophetic clot of blood.
-. Kasar, simple and uncomplicated, short, powerful, direct.
-. Chepe Noyon, horseman, regarded by Temujin as his younger brother
=3D:(2) _______
-. Bektor, tall and impressive of stature; * 1163.
-. Belgutai, broad

* Miller, pp.26, 28.
* Caldwell, pp.7, 37, 85.

MNG-3. To=92ghrul Khan of the Ka-rait=92 tribe / Prestor John (a Nestoria=
Christian, the Old Man of the Mountain) / Wang Khan, ruler of the Karait
-: Azara.
-. Taliph.

* Caldwell, pp.7, 84.

MNG-4. Lotchu, half-brother to Yesukai.
=3D: _____, one of the fairest maidens of the Naiman, =3D.(1) one of the
pale men, a Crusader
=3D-. Jamuga Sechen, fair skin, blue eyes, fine hair the color of an
autumn leaf, eye sockets wide and straight instead of slanting

* Caldwell, pp.85, 90, 93.

MNG-6. Kerelen, crippled brother of Houlon.
=3D: Chassa; small, plump, pretty, big black eyes,=20

* Caldwell, pp.53, 70.

=3D=3D> MNG-2. Ye-su-kai

MNG-8. Temujin (the Finest Steel), titled GENGHIS KHAN in 1206, the
Greatest of Rulers, Emperor of All Men, law-giver of the =93Yassa=94,
developer of the =93Yam=94 (Mongol pony express); * 1162 (Year of the
Swine), in northern Gobi Desert,; # 1227 (Year of the Mouse), * under a
tree in the valley where he lived as a child.
=3D: Bour=92tai / Bortei, grey-eyed; * 1166; betrothed 1175 (age 9); =A7
-.(1) Juji, Master of the Hunt, fierce and sullen.
-.(2) Ja-ga-tai / Chaghatai, Master of Law and Punishment, rash and
MNG-83.(3) O-go-tai / =D6g=F6dei, the gentle, Master of Counsel, wise an=
gentle, Genghis=92 successor.
MNG-84.(4) Tuli, Chief of the Army.

-:=3D. Subotai?, famous General.
MNG--301. Batu the Splendid; # 1255?.
-. Berke, reigned over the Golden Horde 1257-67.

- -. Shibaqan / Shayb=E1n; inherited the area east of the Urals

GENGHIS KHAN=91s Yassa law aimed at three things: obedience to the Khan,
binding the clans together, and merciless punishment of wrong-doing.

* Miller, pp.41, 47, 62-64, 68.
* Encyclop=E6dia Brittanica, 15:709, 15:710, 1:965 =93Batu=94, 15:717O.

=3D=3D> MNG-8. Genghis Khan =3D: Bour=92tai

MNG-83.(3) O-GO-TAI / =D6g=F6dei, the gentle, Master of Counsel, wise and
gentle, succeeded Genghis in 1229; occupied Korea in 1231; defeated the
Chin dynasty in 1234; # 1241 Dec.
-. Ku-yuk=92, succeeded O-go-tai.
- -. Kaidu; # 1301; controlled Semirechye, Kashgaria, Transoxania;
assumed title of great khan in 1269.

* Miller, pp.105.

MNG-84.(4) TULI, Chief of the Army.
MNG-841. Mangu / M=F6ngke, the Kha Khan, successor of Ku-yuk=92 from 125=
# 1259.
MNG-842. Hu-la-gu=92 / H=FCleg=FC, subduer of Persia, emperor of the
MNG-843. Kublai, succeeded Mangu.
-. A-rik-bu=92ga / Arigb=F6ge, lost bid for power to Kublai.

* Miller, pp.47, 62, 112-113.
* Encyclop=E6dia Brittanica, 15:709; 5:180:3a.

MNG--301. Batu the Splendid; # 1255?; was elected commander-in-chief of
the western part of the Mongol empire in 1235 and was given
responsibility for the invasion of Europe; had conquered all of Russia
by 1240; founded the Khanate of Kipchak (the Golden Horde). He led an
army that defeated the Hungarians on 1241 Apr 11.
-. Sartach, a Christian.

=3D=3D> MNG-84. Tuli

MNG-841. Mangu / M=F6ngke, the Kha Khan, succeeded Ku-yuk=92 in 1251; #
1259; sent brother Kublai to conquer China and brother H=FCleg=FC to
consolidate power in Iran.

MNG-842. Hu-la-gu=92 / H=FCleg=FC, subduer of Persia, emperor of the Il-k=
occupied Baghdad in 1258 and ended the `Abb=E4sid Caliphate.

* Encyclop=E6dia Brittanica, 15:709.

MNG-843. KUBLAI KHAN, succeeded Mangu; * Sep 25; # 1294.

* Miller, pp.181, 202, 204.

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