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From: AJenk70571 <>
Subject: Re: Henry the Fowler's mother
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 1997 18:41:25 GMT

Matman <> wrote:

William Addams Reitwiesner wrote:
> "Todd A. Farmerie" <> wrote:
> >James C. Woodard wrote:
> >>
> >> Is there any concensus on the ascent of Hedwige wife of Otto?
> >
> >No. Actually, Stuart, for once, provides a reasonable review of the
> >situation (although when it comes to showing the descent, he selects
> >same old bull). There seems to be a general concensus that the name
> >Henry was brought to the family through Hedwige, but beyond that
> >nothing. What can be rejected is the claim that she was daughter of
> >Arnulf of Germany. This, unfortunately, was revived by Sheppard in
> >Ancestral Roots (6th and 7th) crediting Stimmel, but of the sources he
> >cites, Moriarty, Brandenburg, Winkhaus and Isenburg (the ones I have
> >available) say nothing of the sort. Stuart himself states that one of
> >the remaining does not contain the descent, while the sole remaining
> >source, Saillot, cannot stand above the others, even if it does have
> >descent (which I somehow doubt).
> >
> >What is in ES?
> The Schwennicke edition of ES, Band I, Tafel 3, says, about Heinrich's
> parents:
> +30.XI.912; oo 869 Hathui, +(906).
> Nothing more.
> William Addams Reitwiesner

There is quite a lot of german research into this. The current
consensus (as summarised by E.Hlawitschka, in Rheinische
Vierteljarhrblatter, 1974, p141ff) is that she was a daughter
of Margrave Henry who died at paris against the Normans 28.8.886 (he
also often appears with other titles: Duke of the Austrasians, is
one of them). Her mother was (according to the same author) was
probably a grand-daughter of St.Ida (d.c.820) and the Saxon Count
Egbert (flor. 809-11).



I have sometimes seen it suggested that this Count Egbert was actually the
same as Egbert King of Wessex. While I've never though it particularly
likely, the name does suggest an Anglo-Saxon link of some type. But I've
never really looked into it -- perhaps Egbert is a common name in Saxony
at this period?? What does current German scholarship have to say about
this matter? [Sources please!]


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