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From: "Alan B. Wilson" <>
Subject: Re: Montfort
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 15:48:27 -0700

Michelle Murphy <> on 5 Aug 1997 wrote:

>> Juan <> on 1 May 1997 wrote:
>> > guy de montfort la ferte-alais
>> > +1204
>> > = (2)helvis of ibelin, d. of
>> > balian of ibelin and maria comnena
>> > |
>> > philippe de montfort, lord of tyre
>> > 1240-70
>> > pretender on armenia, ass. 17.iii.1277
>> > (1)= eleonore d'auxerre-courtenay +1230
>> > (2)= 6.vii.1240 marie of antioch-armenia
>> > d. of raymond roupen, b. 1215
>This is the start of a family tree posted some time ago. I was just
>wondering, is this the Guy de Montfort who was the son of Simon de
>Montfort, Earl of Leicester, and Eleanor Plantaganet (daughter of King
>John of England and Isabelle d'Angouleme)? All I knew of Guy de Montfort
>was that he married into the Italian nobility and had two daughters,
>Anastasia and Tomasina, who left descendants. I did not think that he
>married for a second time, because I thought that his first wife was still
>alive at the time of his death.
>did he marry a second time, or is the above a different Guy de Montfort?

The same names are used in several generations of
Montforts. The Guy who married Helvid Ibelin is #3 on the
following "register report;" the Guy who married into the
Italian nobility is #8 (two generations later).

First Generation

1. Simon IV of Montfort Count. Died Before 1188. Buried in
Hautebruyeres. Count of Rochefort.

He married Amicie of Leicester, daughter of Robert III de
BEAUMONT & Petronille de GRENTMESNIL, before Jan 1175. Died 3
Sep 1215. Buried in Hautebruyeres. They had the following

2 i. Simon V of Montfort Earl Leicester
3 ii. Guy de Montfort

Second Generation

2. Simon V of Montfort Earl Leicester. Died 25 Jun 1218, slain
near Belagerung of Toulouse. Buried in Hautebruyeres. Earl of
Leicester. Duke of Narbonne; Count of Toulouse.

He married Alix of Montmorency, daughter of Bouchard IV of
Montmorency & Laurette of Hennegau, circa 1190. Died 24 Feb
1221. Buried in Hautebruyeres. They had the following children:

4 i. Amaury VII of Montfort Duke of Narbonne
5 ii. Simon VI de MONTFORT Earl Leicester
6 iii. Amicie of Montfort

3. Guy de Montfort. Died 31 Jan 1228, slain at Vereilles near Pamiers.

He first married Helvid IBELIN. Died Before 1 Jun 1216.

Third Generation

5. Simon VI de MONTFORT Earl Leicester. Born 1208/1209. Died 4
Aug 1265, slain at Evesham. Buried in Evesham.

He married Eleanor of England PLANTAGENET Princess, daughter of
John Lackland of England King & Isabella of Angouleme, 7 Jan
1239 in Westminster. Born 1215 in Gloucester. Died 13 Apr 1275
in Montargis, France. They had the following children:

7 i. Eleanor de MONTFORT
8 ii. Guy of Montfort Count of Nola

Fourth Generation

8. Guy of Montfort Count of Nola. Died 1291, a prisoner in Sicily.

He married Margherita Aldobrandeschi, daughter of Aldobrandin
Count & Francesca of Baschi. They had the following children:

9 i. Anastasia di Nola Countess
10 ii. Thomasse di Nola

Fifth Generation

9. Anastasia di Nola Countess. Dame de Chailly et de Longjumeau.

She married Romano Orsini, 8 Jun 1293. Died 1326. They had the
following children:

11 i. Roberto Orsini Count of Nola

10. Thomasse di Nola.

She married Pietro Vico. Occupation Praefect of Rome.

Alan B. Wilson

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