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From: Leo van de Pas <>
Subject: Re: Valois Madness passed to England's Henry VI ?
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 13:24:26 +0800

>Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 13:19:32 +0800
>To: (wayne cohen)
>From: Leo van de Pas <>
>Subject: Re: Valois Madness passed to England's Henry VI ?
>At 04:37 PM 9/30/97 GMT, you wrote:
>>Wasn't Henry V worried that the madness of his wife's father Charles VI
>>would be passed into the Plantagenet family ? Did people not have
>>thoughts like that in the Medieval period ? Even a peasant like me asked
>>my future wife if there were any genetic problems or insanity in her
>>family ... -wayne
>>....Of course, madness is inherited---you get it from your children!
>However, it appears not to have been "madness" but porphyria.
>Charles VI's daughter passed it on to her Tudor/Stuart descendant
>Mary, Queen of Scots, whose son also suffered from it in a light degree,
>complaining his urine looked at times like "Alicante wine". From James
>it went further and the best known sufferer was King George III, and
>several of his sons also had symptoms.
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