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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Subject: Re: Ancestors of LOUIS DU BOIS
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 09:09:07 -1000

1. Sacre bleu! Stewart Baldwin doesn't tell us who David Starr Jordan was!
The Professorial Protection Brigade (PPB) [this is the generic ["World
Federalist"] organization of which the GLLB is a mere local chapter] is at
work again. These folks don't want you to have the whole story.

2. David Starr Jordan [1851-1931] was not merely a "scientist of great
distinction" or a "good scientist." He had a medical degree [Indiana
Medical College, 1875] and chaired the natural science department at Indiana
University. In 1885 he became president of Indiana University. He was a
"naturalist" and a "philosopher" --- sometimes described as a "biologist" or
"botanist." His only real contribution to science was a book entitled
"Manual of the Vertebrates of the Northern U.S." [1876], written when Jordan
was 24 years old.

3. But, at heart, he was yet another academic crackpot. He was an advocate
of Nordic superiority. He opposed U.S. participation in World War I and was
a dyed-in-the wool pacifist. He was a stentorian advocate of "World
Federalism" at the expense of American sovereignty. Yes, Jordan was
strongly infected with the sort of crackpot internationalism that goes by
the shorthand moniker of "Wilsonianism" or "European Federation" --- in

4. Wayne Cohen, who hangs out in soc.history.medieval, recently pointed out
to us that his GrandFather, a Russian Menshevik, had deep suspicions of this
kind of airy-fairy Wilsonian wool-gathering, and he was correct.

It is the kind of thinking that when confronted with a practical issue ---
such as --- which harnesses and other fittings tend to choke a horse and
which do not --- would never think of actually running controlled,
practical, scientific experiments [closely monitored by horselovers and the
SPCA] on horses in order to generate hard data.

Instead this sort of in-grown, convoluted, naive and parochial mind tends to
try to find yet another moss-covered "book" or "mosaic" or "tapestry" or
"sculpture" to bury his nose in --- to the exclusion of the real, sometimes
messy and dangerous world of flesh-and-bone horses.

Such folks do not pay much attention to real flesh-and-blood people either,
particularly those who dare to disagree with them. They are dismissed as
*pig ignorant* "natives" and annoying "noise levels" by the academic
wool-gatherers, a la Woodrow Wilson --- proven by his contempt for the U.S.
Senate, and its leaders.

4. David Starr Jordan was the first president of Stanford University
[1891-1913] and was a total and vintage flake in that role. In short, the
"troubles at Stanford," that continue to this day --- began in the
disastrous reign of David Starr Jordan.

5. Jordan was yet another Academician, without much practical understanding
of the world --- book bound to a fault --- who tried to poach in fields
outside his competence --- and came a cropper.

D. Spencer Hines --- Leo Tolstoy On Firmly Held Beliefs and Resultant Mental
Gridlock ---

"I know that most men --- not only those considered clever, but even those
who really are clever and capable of understanding the most difficult
scientific, mathematical or philosophic problems, can seldom discern even
the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as obliges them to admit
the falsity of conclusions they have formed, perhaps with great
difficulty --- conclusions of which they are proud, which they have taught
to others, and on which they have built their lives."

Leo Tolstoy [1896] --- Source: "What Is Art?" --- Leo Tolstoy, Translated
by Aylmer Maude, in Tolstoy's Collected Works, Charles Scribner's Sons,
(1902), Volume 19, p. 468

Stewart Baldwin wrote in message <68ts91$299$>...
>"CompuGran" <> wrote:
>>Ancestors of LOUIS DU BOIS, American Immigrant
>>Compiled from "Your Family Tree" by Dr. David Starr Jordan, from B. C.
>>down to about 100 A. D., ending with Eustace I. Standing by itself this
>>source is regarded as the very best authority, Jordan being a scientist of
>>great distinction.
>[long genealogy deleted]
>On the contrary, David Starr Jordan's "Your Family Tree" is one of the
>very worst sources which you could possibly use to "document" a
>genealogy. (Being a good scientist does not necessarily make one a
>good genealogist.) Much of the genealogy which you posted from this
>source is pure fiction.
>Stewart Baldwin

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