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From: John Steele Gordon <>
Subject: Re: Order of the Crown of Charlemagne
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 15:23:13 -0500

Patrick Cracroft-Brennan wrote.

> What you say is all very well...but what I object to most vehemently is
> the use of the word "Order" - delusions of grandeur, pandering to
> people's snobishness, etc, etc.
A late friend of mine, Denning Harvey, once told me that the only
ancestor society he would have liked to join was the Society of the
Cincinatti. Unfortunately, the only officer of the Continental Army from
whom he was descended was Benedict Arnold.

I'd like to join it also, but my fleeter-footed cousins have grabbed all
the places for which I'm eligible. Oh well.

John Steele Gordon

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