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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Subject: Re: Order of the Crown of Charlemagne
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 09:50:31 -1000

>I appreciate that to many of our American cousins who have no native
>chivalry all "orders" are "cats in the dark".....but on this side of the
>Atlantic, and especially in the United Kingdom, we have "real" Orders of
>Chivalry, in our case awarded bi-annually by HM The Queen, and because
>of the kudos of belonging to "the real thing" we for our part have to be
>101% vigilant against "self styled" Orders (such as St Lazarus, St
>Stanislas, the Oak, the false Holy Sepulchre, the false St John orders,
>etc.) trying to muscle in on the cachet.

Patrick Cracroft-Brennan


And we do, of course, see many naive Americans who fall for this congealed
malarkey and vintage buncombe. Many of them may be observed at work and
play --- right here on <soc.genealogy.medieval.>

Charles Ward is, quite obviously, one of those who has lost his bearings and
taken the tainted bait --- hook, line and sinker.

Genealogical True-Believers are most difficult to de-program.

D. Spencer Hines --- "The final happiness of man consists in the
contemplation of truth....This is sought for its own sake, and is directed
to no other end beyond itself." Saint Thomas Aquinas, [1224/5-1274] "Summa
Contra Gentiles" [c.1258-1264]

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