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From: CMW12635< >
Subject: Re: Order of the Crown of Charlemagne
Date: 15 Jan 1998 22:48:00 GMT

Mr. Hines,

You ignore what has been written. I have stated in the past that yes,
teaming millions descend from Charlemagne, who knows perhaps the entire western
world. I have never stated, nor would I state, that it is extraordinary or
confers any particular honor, for it definitely does not.
Personally, I believe the only thing that is really extraordinary about anyone
is the quality of their character.

I have never personally insulted you, but this seems to be a popular tactic
of yours. I offer a suggestion, if you wish to insult me, please do so
privately and spare the newsgroup. This thread has diverged greatly from the
topic of Medieval genealogy.

This particular thread shall not feature further additions by myself. I'm
taking your advice and (as you so charmingly phrased it) getting "over it."

Charles Ward

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