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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Subject: Re: Dukes of Marlborough
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 07:54:09 -1000

Interesting data. Thank you.

Can anyone tell us on what grounds the barony was created for the second son
of the 4th Duke of Marlborough, in 1815?

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Subject: Re: Dukes of Marlborough

>On Sat 17 Jan John Steele Gordon wrote:
>D. Spencer Hines wrote:
>>> 2. Then we have Victor Albert Francis Charles [1864-1934] becoming the
>>> Viscount Churchill on a date unknown to me. What did he do to earn that
>>> honour? Boer War, Great War --- perhaps just a loyal contributor to
>>> presumably, Conservative Party coffers? Some, all or none of the above?
>>The viscountcy was created in 1902. But I haven't a clue why.
>Victor Albert Francis Charles Spencer Churchill had been a Page of Honour
>and then a Lord in Waiting to Queen Victoria and was subsequently a Lord in
>Waiting to King Edward VII. Since Queen Victoria had died the previous
>year, it is suggestive that he received this Honour 'for Services to the
>Crown' at the time of the Coronation of Edward VII in 1902.
>This is supported by the fact that in the same year (1902) he received the
>G.C.V.O. (Knight Grand Cross of the Victorian Order). This Royal Victorian
>Order had been founded by Queen Victoria in 1896 and designed as a
>recognition of personal services to Queen Victoria.
>He served in the Great War in the Coldstream Guards - I don't know about
>the Boer War. He later became a Conservative Whip in the House of Lords
>and Chairman of G.W.R. (Great Western Railways).
>Diana Trenchard

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