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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Subject: Crown Princess of Sweden
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 06:42:17 -1000

I understand her full name may be Victoria Ingrid Alice Desiree [Bernadotte]
If so, that's certainly a very fine name. Her parents chose well. She
descends from two male children [Arthur and Leopold] of Prince Albert and
Queen Victoria and is a third great-granddaughter of Albert and Victoria.

As the Crown Princess, she is next in line to the throne, n'est-ce pas? No
Salic Law in Sweden since 1980, or thereabouts?

So, we shall one day have a Queen of Sweden with a degree from Yale College,
if all goes well? At 21 when she matriculates, she will be a bit more
mature than some of her fellow students, I suppose. She was born 14 Jul
1977, at Stockholm. Since her Father, Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden, is a
relatively young 51 [52 on 30 Apr 1998] that may be some time.

This princess will need a better education than Lady Diana Spencer had and
perhaps she will use it to good advantage and avoid some of the tarpits and
chasms that Diana fell into.

Remember, I said the World needs [and will, of course, have] a new
"Princess." The Brits have not come up with one. Perhaps this is the young
lady we were hoping to see auditioning. The masses will make the decision.

I predict Sweden's History, all of it, including the medieval period may
enjoy some popularity, if she strikes a chord with the public.

Is she a looker? Blonde, blue-eyed, svelte and sophisticated?

D. Spencer Hines---"It may be said that, thanks to the 'clercs', humanity
did evil for two thousand years, but honored good. This contradiction was
an honor to the human species,and formed the rift whereby civilization
slipped into the world." "La Trahison des clercs" [The Treason of the
Intellectuals] (1927) Julien Benda (1867-1956)

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