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From: Alf Garland <>
Subject: Roger Leyburne
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 15:33:44 +1100

Roger Leyburne, together with John de Warenne and Hebry Almaine apparently
were close friends and supporters of Prince Edward, the son of Henry III.It
has also ben recorded that on 15th October 1259, all three swore an oath of
allegiance to Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester supporting his
opposition to the King When Henry III summoned specific magnates to attend
a parliament in London on 25th April 1260, he omitted from his list most of
the clergy and the names of ardent supporters of Simon and Prince Edward
from among the barons called to London, suggesting that those like Peter de
Montfort and Roger Leyburne whose names were omitted, were considered to be
openly defiant to the King in their adherence to Simon and Edward.

It is also recorded that by 1265, Roger leyburne who previously had been
regarded as one of Edward's closest friends turned against him when Edward
reconciled with Henry his father. Later things changed again as this same
Roger Leyburne turned his back on Simon, and threw his lot in with the King
who rewarded him by making Roger a steward of the Royal Household.

Who was the Roger Leyburne? Who were his parents and what was his
background? Did he marry, to whom and did he have any children? Is he the
same Roger Leyburne who married Eleanor de Turnham? What was his fate; was
he involved in the Battle of Evesham, and when and under what circumstances
did he die?

Can anybody provide any details on this man?

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