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Subject: Re: Weis Question
Date: 12 Feb 1998 01:26:03 -0800

>In "Ancestral Roots", line 177-3, Weis has: "NESTA, m. Bernard de
>Neufmarche, d. 1093, Lord of Brecon, son of Geofrey (son of Thurcytel) by
>Ada, dau. of Richard de Hugelville, grandchild of Richard "the Good" by
>his daughter Papia."
>..... By "grandchild", does he mean Ada is the grandchild of Richard "the
>Good" or does he mean her father Richard is that grandchild?
>..... And, who was Richard the Good? And who was his wife, Papia's
>..... And whom did Papia marry? Was Papia the mother of Richard, or the
>mother of his wife? ...and Richard's wife was...?
>Thank you.

Are you perhaps using an older version of AR? AR7 reads slightlt differently:

"Nesta m. Bernard de Neufmarche, d.1093, Lord of Brecon, son of Geofrey
(son of Thurcytel) by Ada, dau. of Richard Fitz Gulbert, seigneur de
Hugleville and Auffay in Normandy, seen 1025-1053 (s. Gulbert de St.
Valerie, seen 1011, advocate of St. Valerie, protector of the monestery of
Fecamp), by N., said to be Papia, illeg. dau. Richard I"the Fearless"
(121-E20), d.996, Duke of Normandy (CP I 22, VI 452-453)" other sources
also cited.

Hope this helps.

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