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From: "Todd A. Farmerie" <>
Subject: Re: kings
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 23:52:22 -0500

Mikael Jussil TF wrote:
> Do you know if Bysan Basil the first where of
> jewish origin?

Who exactly would this Bysan Basil be? Basil the Macedonian perhaps?
You really need to give us a little more information to work with.
(FWIW, I know of no jewish descent for Basil the Macedonian.)

> Question 2, Do you know if Nunnes Gonsalo and Ximenes
> Nunes where relatives. The first one where a descendent
> Ali bakra and Gustaves Gonsalo,lord of lara&sala
> ,the later where grandfather of teresa the empress
> of portugal? They lived in medieval spain (800-1100)
> or something...

What a mess. Nunnes Gonzalo? perhaps you have Gonzalo Nunez, supposed
Count of Lara in mind? Whoever it is, the Lara descent from Gonzalo
Gustios (again I am guessing here) and some muslim mistress is fantasy.
This was dismissed in the late 17th century by Salazar y Castro, but
refuses to go away. The current theory regarding the Lara family is
that the founding brothers, Pedro and Rodrigo Gonzalez, were sons of
Gonzalo Munoz, son of Munio Gonzalez, Count of Asturias. He was son of
Gonzalo, son of Munio, son of Gonzalo, son of Garcia Fernandez, Count of
Castile, son of Fernan Gonzalez, Count of Castile, son of Gonzalo
Fernandez, Count of Castile, son of Fernando Gonzalez, son of a Gonzalo,
fl. 860 (or so). As to the grandfather of Teresa of Portugal (Countess,
and perhaps Queen, but not Empress by a long shot) he was the same Munio
Gonzalez, Count of Asturias.

More to the point, what is the point?


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