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Subject: Re: Help Help Edward III>William Randolph
Date: 4 Mar 1998 17:35:22 -0800

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<< References:
= Weis, _Ancestral_Roots_, 7th ed.
AAP = Roberts, _Ancestors_of_American_Presidents_, [page] or
[Pres. # : page].
BxP = _Burke's_Dormant_&_Extinct_Peerages_, [page].
BPci = _Burke's_Peerage_, 101st ed., [page].
BP1 = _Burke's_Presidential_Families_, 1st ed. [page].
BRF = Weir, _Britain's_Royal_Families_, [page].
EC1 = Redlich, _Emperor_Charlemagne's_Descendants_, Vol I, [page].
EC2 = Langston & Buck, _Emperor_Charlemagne's_Descendants_, Vol II,
EC3 = Buck & Beard, _Emperor_Charlemagne's_Descendants_, Vol II,
F = Faris, _Plantagenet_Ancestry_, [page:para].
W = Weis, _Magna_Charta_Sureties,_1215_, 4th ed.

For those of you who want to know what some of these reference books are here
is a good list. Print this out on your printer and then you can refer back to
it when you want to check your library's holdings.

Thanks Ed. Apparently not everyone pays attention to this valuable
information you supply.


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