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Subject: Re: Simon de Montfort Earl of Leicester
Date: 21 Mar 1998 09:13:30 -0800

> BxP:376 says Simon who m. Alainor is son of #4 above - but (and I quote
> ES from the list without having actually eyeballed it myself) says that
> Simon m. Alix de Montmorency. My Simon is young enough to be a brother
> of Amaury VII. Ideas?

No, to the best of my knowledge, Simon de Montfort who married Eleanor
Plantaganet was the younger brother of Amaury VII. It would be easy for
someone tracing his claim to the Earldom of Leicester to assume that the
claim was derived more immediately than through his great-grandparents:
how else to explain the fact that Ranulf Earl of Chester ceded the Earldom
to him of his own free will?!


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