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From: John Steele Gordon <>
Subject: Re: Gordon Loses It Again --- No Surprise There
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 16:42:44 -0400

D. Spencer Hines wrote:

> Vide infra pro phrenetico.
> Hmmmm, Hines seems to have touched a quite tender and enflamed nerve.

Talking in the third person again are we, Mr. Hines? Time for your medicine
don't you think? You'll feel so much better after it kicks in.

> Gordon is another expert at *crystal-balling intentions* sans benefit of
> cognition and ratiocination.

Mark Twain hated the Deerslayer novels and wrote, in criticizing them, that
writers should not use five-dollar words when there's a twenty-five cent one
that will do the job just as well. "Cognition and ratiocination" mean nothing
more than "thinking" here, so D. Fennimore Hines owes the group $9.75 worth
of apologies for wasting our time.

> Gordon the Fatuous even compares himself to Winston Churchill, William
> Shakespeare [N.B. He's finally learned how to spell that one.] and Mark
> Twain.

Since we were (are, I'm happy to report in my case) all in the same
profession, why shouldn't I? Saying I have the same first name as Keats is a
statement of fact. It doesn't imply I'm a great poet.

John Steele Gordon

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