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> You are right. I looked back at my notes, and it looks like DNB has
> made an error in assigning the in-laws to William Herle. The line I
> provided was correct for Elizabeth Champernowne, wife of William
> Polglas. They had two children, a son Richard who was an idiot and dsp,
> and daughter and eventual heiress Elizabeth married to Sir JOHN Herle.
> Their son and heir Sir John sold Ilfracombe. There was also an
> Elizabeth, wife of RICHARD Herle who is a Champernowne relative (it
> would seem) but the exact relationship is more problematic. All I have
> been able to find for her is contained within and ipm following the
> death of her husband (37 Edward III). He held certain land of hers for
> life following her death, and her heir was Richard, son of Thomas
> Champernowne. Where your WILLIAM Herle fits into this I can't answer.
> taf
Ok--here's what I have now, comments--corrections welcome:

Descendants of William Champernowne, Sir

1 William Champernowne, Sir
2 Elizabeth Champernowne
..+William Polglas
3 Margaret Polglas
..+William de Herleb: of Caldecote, WARd: 1347
4 Margaret de Herle
..+Ralph Hastings, Sird: Abt. 1363
5 Ralph de Hastingsb: Abt. 1340d: 1397
..+Maud de Sutton
6 Leonard Hastings, Sird: Oct-1455
..+Alice de Camoys
6 Richard Hastingsd: 1437
4 Robert de Herled: 1364
3 Richard Polglas
3 Elizabeth Polglas
..+John Herle, Sir
4 John Herle, Sir

Always optimistic--Dave

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