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Subject: Re: Thomas, Sir Rhys ap Thomas
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 10:42:05 GMT

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>I have hit a wall. I have information stateing that Griffith ap Rice a
>decendant of Sir Rhys ap Thomas had a child with Lady Katherine Howard (cir
>1530), daughter of Thomas D of Norfolk, named Thomas ap Griffith of Ebbernant
>Parish, Caermarthenshire. Can anyone provide information about this?
>I believe that this may prove a link with Joshua Thomas of Tanger Is. MD.
>Also, what does "ap" mean?

"Ap" (or "ab") is the Welsh word meaning "son of". So "Griffith ap Rice"
(more correctly "Gruffudd ap Rhys") means "Gruffudd son of Rhys", and "Rhys
ap Thomas" means "Rhys son of Thomas". At this time period (early 16th
century) the Welsh, as a rule, did not have surnames, and people were
identified use of their father's name ("ferch" is "daughter of").

What you have is slightly garbled. Sir Rhys ap Thomas (1449-1525) married
Efa ferch Henry ap Gwilym. Their son was Sir Gruffudd ap Rhys (d. 1521),
who married Catherine St. John. Their son Rhys ap Gruffudd (d. 1531) is
the one who married Lady Catherine Howard, daughter of the Duke of Norfolk,
and had several children by her. See, for example, the *Dictionary of Welsh
Biography* for more information on these people.

William Addams Reitwiesner

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