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From: John Carmi Parsons< >
Subject: Re: Richard III's Ancestry --- Getting It Right
Date: 24 Aug 1998 12:52:04 -0700

Edward III did have two sons named William: the elder, commonly known
as William "of Hatfield," was born ca January 1337 and was buried in York
Minster on 3 March following (Lane, _Royal Daughters of England and their
Representatives_, vol. i, Table II part i, and p. 63). My experience with
Lane's work (discussed in my article on Eleanor of Castile's birth date and
her children in _Mediaeval Studies_ 46 [1984]) leads me to suspect that the
Christian year in this case might correctly be 1336.

The younger, known as William of Windsor, was born at that castle in May
1348 to judge from the fact that Queen Philippa was churched a month
later; he was buried in Westminster Abbey the following September. A joint
tomb was subsequently erected in that church for him and his sister Blanche
"of the Tower," who had died in March 1343, aged about 3 months (Lane, i, p.
230). The tomb survives, though badly damaged (the lower parts of the
effigies of both children having been sawn off diagonally).

The Joan Plantagenet betrothed (but not married) to Gilbert, Lord Talbot, was
not Edward III's daughter. Her father was Thomas of Woodstock, duke of
Gloucester. She was born ca 1384 and died unmarried on 16 August 1400, before
her marriage to Talbot could take place (Lane, vol. i, pp. 235-40 for Thomas
of Woodstock's 5 children by Eleanor de Bohun).

John Parsons

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