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From: "Adele" <>
Subject: Re: Anglo-Saxon Royal goldsmiths Shottesbrooke Berks
Date: 17 Sep 1998 14:42:15 GMT

Dear Sir :-)

Please forgive my ignorance, but what, where, and how can I find this
archive of which you speak? It sounds like *exactly* the sort of milk bath
I would relish soaking in for hours at a time?! (figuratively speaking, of
course ;-)

Seriously, I'm particularly interested in Aethelflad (sp?), aka the
'Lady of the Mercians', and have been trying to find a copy of 'The Mercian
Register' for quite some time - ideally a hardcopy to add to my library,
but I'll be glad for an online version as well by this point! Perchance,
would you (or anyone listening :-) know where I might find a copy of this
elusive document?!?

Most sincerely yours, Moi

"Iyah Ontday Eakspay Atinlay!"

> John Jay Phillips <> wrote:
> Pass the info on to the Vikings (NFPS) then in the UK
> who operate an archive of all information from 800 to 1100ad ish....
> > Adele wrote:
> >
> > Dearest Celia :-)
> >
> > Do you mean to say that you have a 'web site' with
> > Anglo-Saxon material on it? If so, *please* share the address
> > with us so I may peruse it for my own guilty pleasures!
> >
> > Many thanks, Moi
> >
> > ~~~~~~~~~~~~
> > "Iyah Ontday Eakspay Atinlay!"

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