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From: Leo van de Pas< >
Subject: Henry VIII and Mary Boleyn
Date: 17 Nov 1998 21:05:08 -0800

As requested by Andrew Kalinkin, I could have send it directly to him, but
as there are several lines that end up in the USA, I thought this
information would be of interest to more people :

In the March 1997 issue of the Genealogist Magazine, the magazine of the
Society of Genealogists in England, a compelling case was made that Mary
Boleyn's children attributed to William Carey, were really fathered by
Henry VIII. I had heard this claim before, but this magazine's article came
with dates and very strong evidence. But still, officially they remain
William Carey's.

Mary Boleyn
born circa 1500/1504, died 19 July 1543
married (1) 31 January 1520/1521
William Cary, son of Thomas Carey, of Chilton, and Margaret Spencer (she is
a descendant of Edward III)
born circa 1495, died 22 June 1528
married (2)
Sir William Stafford
born circa 1512, died 1556
children :
(1st marriage?)
1.Catherine/Mary Cary
born circa 1524, died 15 January 1569 Hampton Court Palace
buried April 1569 Westminster Abbey
married circa April 1540
Sir Francis Knollys, son of Robert Knollys and
Lettice Penystone
born circa 1514, died 19 July 1596
children Generation II-1

2.Henry Carey, Baron Hunsdon
born 4 March 1526, died 23 July 1596 Somerset House
marriage contract 21 May 1545
Anne Morgan, daughter of Sir Thomas Morgan and Anne Whitney
died 19 January 1607
children Generation II-2

2nd marriage
3.NN Stafford (boy ? girl?)
born circa 1534/1535, died circa 1543

Generation II-1
1.Lettice Knollys
born 1539, died 25 December 1634 Drayton Basset
married (1) circa 1560/1565
Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex, 2nd Viscount Hereford
son of Sir Richard Devereux and Lady Dorothy Hastings
born 16 September 1539, died 22 September 1579 Dublin Castle
married (2) 21 September 1578 Wanstead, Essex
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, son of John Dudley,
Duke of Northumberland and Jane Guildford
born 24 June 1532/1533
died 4 September 1588 Cornbury
married (3) before August 1589
Sir Christopher Blount, son of James Blount, 6th Lord
Mountjoy amd Katherine Leigh
beheaded 18 March 1601 Tower Hill
children Generation III-1

2.Henry Knollys
born circa 1542, died 1582
married 1565
Margaret Cave, daughter of Sir Ambrose Cave and Margaret
died 1606
children Generation III-2
3.William Knollys, Earl of Banbury, Viscount Wallingford
born circa 1545, died 25 May 1632 London
married (1) after March 1573
The Hon. Dorothy Braye, daughter of Edmund Braye,
Lord Braye, and Jane Halliwell
born 1530, died 31 October 1605 Minty
buried Rotherfield Greys, Oxon.
married (2) contract 23 December 1605
Lady Elizabeth Howard, daughter of Lord Thomas Howard,
1st Earl of Suffolk, and Catherine Knyvett
baptised 11 August 1586 Saffron Walden
died 17 April 1658, buried Dorking, Surrey
he was childless
4.Edward Knollys
born circa 1546, died 1575
5.Sir Robert Knollys
born circa 1547, died 1619
6.Richard Knollys
born circa 1548, died 1596
7.Sir Francis Knollys
born circa 1550, died 1648
8.Sir Thomas Knollys
died after August 1596
9.Anne Knollys
born 1553 ?, died after 30 August 1608
married 19 November 1571
Thomas West, 2nd Lord Delawere, son of William West,
1st Baron Delawere and Elizabeth Strange
born circa 1556, died circa 24 March 1602
children Generation III-3
10.Elizabeth Knollys
married 1578
Sir Thomas Leighton
born 1535, died circa 1611
children ?
11.Katherine Knollys
buried 20 December 1632 Watton, Stone
married (1) October 1578
Gerald Fitzgerald, Baron Offaly, son of Gerald Fitzgerald,
11th Earl of Kildare, and Mabel Browne
born 28 December 1559 Maynooth, died June 1580
buried St.Alban's Abbey
married (2)
Sir Philip Boteler, of Watton Woodhall
died January 1592
children Generation III-4

Generation II-2
1.George Carey, 2nd Lord Hunsdon
born 1547, died 8 September 1603
buried Westminster Abbey
marriage contract 29 December 1574
Elizabeth Spencer, daughter of Sir John Spencer, of
Wormleighton, and Catherine Kitson
buried 2 March 1618 Westminster Abbey
children Generation III-5
2.John Carey, 3rd Lord Hunsdon
died April 1617 Hunsdon, buried Hunsdon
marriage contract 20 December 1576
Mary Hyde, daughter of Leonard Hyde
died 4 April 1627 London
children Generation III-6
3.The Hon. Henry Carey
4.The Hon. Thomas Carey
5.The Hon. Thomas Carey
6.The Hon. William Carey
7.The Hon. Sir Edmund Carey
married (1) Mary Crocker
married (2) Elizabeth Nevill
married (3) Judith Humphrey
children Generation III-7
8.Robert Carey, 1st Earl of Monmouth
born circa 1560, died 12 April 1593 Berwick-upon-Tweed
Elizabeth Trevannion, daughter of Sir Hugh Trevannion
and Sybilla Morgan
died before July 1641 (date will proven)
buried Rickmansworth
children Generation III-8
9.The Hon.NN Carey
10.The Hon. Catherine Carey
died 25 February 1603 Arundel House, London
married July 1563
Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham, son of
Lord William Howard, 1st Baron Howard of Effingham,
and Margaret Gamage
born circa 1536, died 14 December 1624 Haling House
nr.Croydon, Surrey
children Generation III-9
11.The Hon.Philadelphia Carey
died 3 February 1627, buried Langar, Notts.
married circa 1584
Thomas Scrope, 10th Lord Scrope of Bolton,
son of Henry Scrope, 9th Lord Scrope of Bolton,
and Lady Margaret Howard
born circa 1567, died 2 September 1609
buried Langar, Notts.
children Generation III-10
12.The Hon. Margaret Carey
married Sir Edward Hoby
children ?

Generation III-1
1st marriage :
1.Lady Penelope Devereux
born circa 1561, died 7 July 1607 Westminster
married (1) October 1581 Divorced 15 November 1605
Robert Rich, 1st Earl of Warwick, son of Robert Rich,
2nd Lord Rich, and Elizabeth Baldry
born December 1559, died 24 March 1619
married (2) 26 December 1605 Wanstead, Essex
Charles Blount, Earl of Devon, 8th Lord Mountjoy
son of James Blount, 6th Lord Mountjoy, and Katherine
born circa 1562, died 3 April 1606 Savoy House, the Strand
2.Lady Dorothy Devereux
died 3 August 1619, buried Petworth
married (1) July 1583
Sir Thomas Perrott, son of Sir John Perrott, of
Haroldstone, and Anne Cheney
died February 1594
married (2) 1594
Henry Percy, 9th Earl of Northumberland, son of Henry Percy
8th Earl of Northumberland, and Catherine Nevill
born before 27 April 1564 Tynemouth Castle
died 5 November 1632, buried Petworth

4.Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, 3rd Viscount Hereford
born 19 November 1566, beheaded 25 February 1601 Tower Hill
married 1590
Frances Walsingham, daughter of Sir Francis Walsingham
and Ursula St.Barbe
died 1632, buried 17 February 1632
4.Hon.Walter Devereux
died nr Roan (killed)

2nd marriage
5.Robert Dudley, Lord Denbigh
died 19 July 1584 Wanstead, buried Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick

Generation III-2
1.Lettice Knollys
died 1655, buried West Drayton
married before 15 October 1602
William Paget, 4th Lord Paget, son of Thomas Paget,
3rd Lord Paget, and Nazaret Newton
born 1572, died 29 August 1629, buried West Drayton
Generation III-3.
1.Elizabeth West
born 11 September 1573, died 15 January 1633
married 12 February 1594 Wherwell, co.Hants.
Herbert Pelham, son of Anthony Pelham and Margaret Hall
born circa 1564
2.Governor Thomas West, 3rd Lord Delawere
born 9 July 1577, died 7 June 1618 in Nova Scotia
married Cecily Sherley

3.Penelope West
born 9 September 1582, died circa 1619
married circa 1599
Herbert Pelham, son of Herbert Pelham and Catherine
born circa 1580, died 20 July 1624 Boston, County Lincoln
4.Governor Francis West
born 25 October 1586
died before 28 April 1634 (date will proven)

5.Capt. John West
born 14 December 1590, died circa 1659
married Anne
6.Nathaniel West
born 30 November 1592, died before February 1624
married Frances Greville

Generation III-4
1st marriage
1.Lettice Fitzgerald, Baroness Offaly
died 1 December 1658
married 1600
Sir Robert Digby, of Coleshill, son of Sir George Digby,
of Coleshill and Abigail Heveningham
died 24 May 1614

Generation III-5
1.Elizabeth Cary
died 23 April 1635
Sir Thomas Berkeley, son of Henry Berkeley, 7th Lord
Berkeley, and Lady Catherine Howard
born 11 July 1575 Callowdon
died 22 November 1611 Callowdon, buried St.Michael's
Generation III-6
1.Hon. Blanche Carey
died 6 November 1651
married (1)
Christopher Peyton
married (2) 16 June 1605 Hunsdon, Herts.
Sir Thomas Wodehouse, 2nd Baronet, son of Sir Philip
Wodehouse, 1st Baronet, and Grizell Yelverton
died 18 March 1658
2.Hon.Anne Carey
married Sir Francis Lovell
children ?
3.Henry Carey, 1st Earl of Dover, 4th Lord Hunsdon
born circa 1580, buried 13 April 1666 Hunsdon
married (1) before 1608
Judith Pelham, daughter of Sir Thomas Pelham, of
Laughton, 1st Baronet, and Mary Walsingham
baptised 21 June 1590 Laughton
buried 1 November 1629 Hunsdon
married (2) 6 July 1630 London
Mary Morris, daughter of Richard Morris and Maud Daborne
baptised 10 May 1573 St.Leonard's, Eastcheap
buried 8 January 1649 St.Paul's Cathedral, London
Generation III-7
1.Sir Robert Carey
married Alletta Hogenhove

Generation III-8
1.Henry Carey, 2nd Earl of Monmouth
baptised 27 January 1596 Denham
died 13 June 1661 buried Rickmansworth
marriage contract 16 February 1620
Lady Martha Cranfield, daughter of Lionel Cranfield,
1st Earl of Middlesex, and Elizabeth Shepherd
baptised 12 July 1601 St.Michael's Bassishaw
died 10 April 1677 London
2.Hon.Thomas Carey
buried 1649 Westminster Abbey
married Margaret Smith
3.Lady Philadelphia Carey
died before 27 February 1655 (date will proven)
married 11 April 1611 St.Margaret's, Westminster
Sir Thomas Wharton, son of Philip Wharton, 3rd Lord Wharton
and Lady Frances Clifford
born circa 1587 Wharton Hall, died 17 April 1622

Generation III-9
1.Lady Elizabeth Howard
buried 31 March 1646 Greenwich, Kent
married (1)
Sir Robert Southwell
married (2) 26 October 1604 Chelsea, Midx.
John Stewart, Earl of Carrick, son of Robert Stewart,
Earl of Orkney, and Lady Janet Kennedy
died 22 June 1643/1645
2.Lady Frances Howard
buried 11 July 1628 Westminster Abbey
married (1) before 22 February 1590
Henry Fitzgerald, 12th Earl of Kildare, son of Gerald
Fitzgerald, 11th Earl of Kildare, and Mabel Browne
born 1562, died 30 September 1597 Drogheda
buried Kildare Cathedral
married (2) contract 27 May 1601
Henry Brooke, 11th Lord Cobham, son of William Brooke,
10th Lord Cobham, and Frances Newton
born 22 November 1564 Cobham Hall,
died 24 January 1619
3.Lady Margaret Howard
married Sir Richard Leveson
children ?
4.William Howard, Baron Howard of Effingham
born 27 December 1577, died 28 November 1615 Hampton, Midx
buried Chelsea
married 7 February 1597 Chelsea
Anne St.John, daughter of John St.John, 2nd Lord St.John
of Bletso, and Catherine Dormer
died 7 June 1638 London, buried Westminster Abbey
5.Charles Howard, 2nd Earl of Nottingham
born 17 September 1579 The Manor Place, Bletchingley
died 3 October 1642 Leatherhead, buried Reigate
married (1) 19 May 1597 Sheffield, in Fletching
Charity White, daughter of Robert White
died 18 December 1618
buried 20 December 1618 Fletching
married (2) 22 April 1620 London
Mary Cokayne, daughter of Sir William Cokayne
and Mary Morris
baptised 12 October 1598 London
died 6 February 1651, buried Reigate

Generation III-10
1.Emanuel Scrope, Earl of Sunderland
born 1 Aughust 1584 Hunsdon, Herts.
died 30 May 1630
married 1609
Lady Elizabeth Manners, daughter of John Manners,
4th Earl of Rutland, and Elizabeth Charlton
died 16 March 1594 Langar
children by Martha Jeanes

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Hope this helps
Leo van de Pas

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