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Subject: Detmar Sternberg: descendant of the House of Orange?
Date: 6 Dec 1998 01:39:08 -0800

I'm looking for info on Detmar Sternberg, aka Detmoor Stairnber. Here
are a couple of articles I've found on him. I'd really like to know
how he traces back to the House of Orange and what he was the count of.

A German count. A descendant of William of Orange.
Stansbury / Stansberry Familys
Contributed by Wes Jester
A German count, Detmar Sternberg, ancestor of the Stansbury family of
Maryland. Detmar Sternberg,
descendant of William of Orange, came to Maryland in 1658 with his
wife Renske (Low German diminutive for Catherine) and their six year
old son, Tobias. (Stansbury Genealogy from 1658 to 1938, by Iva
Scheffel, pp. 17, 18). They settled in Baltimore County. "In 1663, I
Detmoor Stairnber, do assign
over unto Thomas Bradley or his assigns all right and title of land
due unto me for myself who came in the
year 1658, my wife, Renscoe in 1658, John Dowlin in 1668. Witness my
hand the 19th of November, 1663, and also my son tobias in 1658."
Signed: Detmorus Sternberge. (Land Office Lib. 6, fol. 82) 15
Dec. 1663. There is no record of any other children born to Detmar and
Renske Sternberge; therefore
son Tobias (b. 1652 d. 1709) and his wife Sarah Raven are the
progenitors of the Stansbury Family in
Maryland. (Tobias Sternberg or Stanborugh appear in the records for
150 A. in Ann Arundel county in
1670). His name also appears in Baltimore county Rent Roles. Tobias
and Sarah Raven had the following
issue: 1. Daniel Stansbury b. 1678 d. 1763 2. Thomas Stansbury, twin
brother of Daniel b. 1678 d. 1766
3. Luke Stansbury b. 1689 d. 1742 4. Tobias Stansbury b. 1691 d. 1764
5. Samuel Stansbury b. d. was a
minor in 1714 6. Tabitha Stansbury b. d. was a minor in 1714 Daniel
changed the spelling of the name to
Stansbury, and that has been the spelling ever since. Land Office
(Liber 16, fol.148) shows patent July
10, 1671 for 100 A. in Baltimore county assigned by Yates to Tobias
Sternberge and called Poplar Neck.
In Baltimore county Rent Roles, the date of survey of Poplar Neck,
which lay on south side of Bear Creek
is given as Jan. 16, 1672, and possessor Tobias Stanborough was a
member of the grand jury of Baltimore
County, March Court 1683 or 1684. (Baltimore County, Liber D, fol.
129). The inventory of Tobias
Stanbrough's estate was filed from Baltimore County, August 3, 1709.
(Test. Proc. Liber 21, fol 175).
Robert Gorsuch chief creditor, by Sarah Starnbrough as administratrix
and by Luke Raven, brother of
the adminstratrix. Shortly after 1710, Sarah Starnbrough married Enoch
Spinks. About this time Sarah
posted bond for shares in the property for her two minor children,
Samuel and Tabitha Stansbury
mentioned above. Here is an interesting story concerning the twin
brothers, Daniel and Thomas Stansbury above. Daniel purported to be a
German count, American born, came into possession of an estate upon
which he built a great mansion near Towson, Maryland, in 1697. The
estate was given in 1713 by this
Daniel to his brother Thomas "in consideration of the natural
affection and brotherly love I have and
bear unto my well-be-loved brother," and was called "Daniel's Gift" or
"Stansbury House" and later
"Strife." For some reason it was surveyed for Thomas Stansbury in 1734
by the Fifth Lord Baltimore,
but his Lordship was a shade less brotherly in his consideration for
he required Thomas to pay him five
shillings and one penny sterling twice a year at St. Mary's City. (pp
199, 200 Edgewater Maryland by
Witstach, 1938). The above Thomas Stanbury bequeathed "Daniel's Gift"
to his eldest son, John
Stansbury, b. 1710 d. 1785. (His will No. D 1784-1791, Liber W.B. 4,
p, 102, Baltimore City Court House
June 9, 1947 - V.P.E.). In this will he also bequeathed to his son
Caleb Stansbury, his son, "Hogg
Harbour" containing 123 A., and to his eldest son Thomas the home
plantation, "Daniel's Gift." This is the Thomas who was his
grandfathers namesake and favorite and fell heir to 400 A. near
Towson. He has a
son William who married Christina Taylor and had a son, William E.
Stansbury born April 11, 1811, the
last born in the commodius mansion built by Daniel Stansbury in 1697.
(p. 121, Genealogy and Biography
of Leading Families of the City of Baltimore and Baltimore County,
Maryland, G 28 and G326 Quarto).
Thomas Stansbury3, (Tobias2, Detmar1), twin brother to Daniel was the
aancestor of the Stansbury-Blizzard line of the family. Thomas
Stansbury was born in Baltimore County in 1678 d. May 4 1766 ( St.
Paul's Register). In his will dated February 21, 1748, confirmed March
9, 1763, and proved June 4, 1766, recorded in Baltimore City (Liber
W.B. No. 3, fol. 44), we have the name of his wife, Jean Dixon and and
his children: 1. John Stansbury b. 1710 d. 1785 married Ann Ensor 2.
Thomas Stansbury b. April 24, 1714 d. 1798 3. Daniel Stansbury went to
Ann Arundel Co., where he died 1770 4. Dixon
Stansbury b. Dec. 6, 1720 d. 1805 5 Edmund Stansbury b. Jan 13, 1724
d. April 22, 1780. m. Kesiah
Gostwick 6. Jemima Stansbury b. July 19, 1727 d._______ m. Roebuck
Lynch John Stansbury4
(Thomas3, Tobias2, Detmar1) was b. 1710 d.1785 married in 1734 Ann
Ensor and had the following issue:
1. Jane Stansbury b. June 26, 1736. Married Harod Stevenson 2. Ann
Stansbury b. _________
Married John Long 3. William Stansbury 4. Richard Stansbury 5. James
Stansbury 6. John Stansbury
b. Jan. 23, 1737 or 1738 - Not mentioned in his fathers will. 7.
Elizabeth Stansbury b. Feb. 25, 1739 m.
_________ Dougherty 8. Thomas Stansbury b. 1741; d. 1816 9. Joseph
Stansbury b. _______ d. Dec.
29, 1798 m. Francis ______ had issue: John, Rebecca, Nancy,Granby, and
Elizabeth Dew 10. Caleb
Stansbury b. 1747 d. 1846 m. Rebecca (Beckyor) Probably German for
Rebecca; He went to Westminster, Baltimore County, bought 1000 A. and
married Rebecca Cook on Nov. 11, 1778, by Rev. Chase. On August 4,
1783, Caleb mar (2) Elizabeth Shilling, b. 1764 by Rev. Gerock.
(Baltimore Marriage List) Caleb Died on Nov. 17, 1845 aged 90 years.
Elizabeth, his wife, died Feb, 21, 1831 aged 68 years. They are buried
in the Westminster Cemetery.

1. DETMAR STERNBERG,1 the ancestor of this family, came to Maryland,
in 1658, with his wife Renske and his son Tobias. The following record
of his arrival has been preserved: "1663. I Detmoore Stairnber do
assign over unto Thomas Bradley or his assigns all my right and Title
of land due unto me for . . . myself who came in the year 1658, my
wife Renscoe in 1658, John Dowlin in 1663. Witness my hand this 19th
of November 1663, and also my son Tobias in 1658."
(Signed) Detmorus Sternberge. (Land Office, Lib. 6, fol. 82.) 15
December 1663, Thomas Bradley assigns to Henry Sewall, Esq. the rights
of a large number of persons, including "Datmorus Sternber, Renscoe
and Tobias Sternber in 1658" (ibid. fol. 84). While the name Sternberg
is German, it should be borne in mind that similar names frequently
occur in Holland, whither many families migrated from adjacent German
territory. The name "Detmoore" or, in the Latinized form "Detmorus,"
evidently stands for the well known Low German name Detmar. The name
of the immigrant's wife "Renscoe" must stand for
"Renske," the Low German or Dutch diminutive of Catherine. Detmar
Sternberg settled in Baltimore County, and was living there in 1678.
He is evidently the "Dodman Sternbrough" to whom there is entered a
credit of 40 lb. tobacco in the Baltimore County levy of 1678 (Md.
Arch., vii, 96). After this no further mention of him occurs, and no
will or administration appears on record. He appears to have owned no
land, and such estate as he possessed was probably settled by family
arrangement. Detmar1 and
Renske Sternberg had a son:--

2. i. TOBIAS STERNBERG2 or Starnborough, as the name appears on
the records.

Josh Hutchinson
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