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> 1 Hans UTZINGER b: Abt. 1525 Bachenbülach, SUI
Notes: Vogt Besitzer of the Herrschaftgutes at Botzberg=Governor/Ruler of the
Kyburg family noble estate at Bötzburg. The UTZINGER family descends from
Bötzberg in the Aargau Canton of Switzerland. The likely ancestors, the
Barons of UTZINGEN, later UTZINGER, and the lines descend from Hans.

Hans is shown as landowner and overseer of the estate at Bötzberg. Hans is
presumably the same named in the Frick Archives of Bachenbulach in 1554 as
having a credit of "6 Mutt and 3 Pence." His father would then have been
Lamprecht UTZINGER, first mentioned in 1516. First mention of the name is in
1421, with reference to one Curie UTZINGER.

2. Felix Utzinger: Notes: Felix is shown as a landowner and overseer of the
estate at Untervogt. Both children and first wife died of the plague in about
1583. His second wife and child also died of the plague. With the third
wife, Elisabetha Spuler, we get our Hans.

3. Hans Utzinger; Notes: Kilchmeir (Over-seer on Church-owned land-Farmer)

4. Hans Jacob Utzinger: Notes: Hofmeyer.

5. Johannes Utzinger: Notes: Came to the Pfalz in about 1690. he probably
came through Elsass and down the left bank of the Rhine. He settled as a
farmer in Labach, in the county Zweibrucken. At that time Labach was
completely deserted. The church, in which Johannes threshed his grain, was
still in ruins from the Thirty-Year War.
There are no documents giving the details of his journey, or telling whether
he travelled with other Swiss.

After his marriage to Eva Catharina Winter on 19 July 1694, he visited
Switzerland once again. This is shown by the existence of a baptismal
certificate issued in Botzberg on 15 February 1702 by the reformed pastor
Brandolph Wassmer. He probably settled his affairs in Switzerland, and took
his inheritance back with him, as many Swiss did at this time.

It has been impossible to find out where Johannes and his wife died, because
there was once again a war in the Pfalz, and many people, including many Swiss
immigrants, vanished without a trace.

6. Johann Daniel Utzinger: Notes: Schneidermeister (Master Tailor) May have
learned his trade in Bachenbulach as many Utzingers in that area were tailors,
and there was certainly connections between the families in the Aargau and
around Zurich. In 1733, he built the Pfeiffer house in Gerhardsbrunn, which
now belong to the Kiefer family, who are also descended from the Utzingers.

7. Johann Daniel Utzinger: Dairy farmer

8. Johann Adam Utzinger: Dairy farmer

9. Johann Adam Utzinger: Dairy farmer

10. Jakob Utzinger: Dairy farmer in Illinois

11. John Adam Utzinger: Farmer in Illinois

12. Clifford Utzinger: Teamster, brewery worker.

13. Charles Adam Utzinger: CPA, Partner with Price Waterhouse

14. David Brewster Utzinger: CPA

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