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Subject: Agatha Revisited
Date: 23 Jan 1999 20:22:06 -0800

An interested subscriber of THE PLANTAGENET CONNECTION has sent me a small
chart wherein she alleges that Agatha, wife of Edward the Exile, is non other
than Agatha von Braunschwig, daughter of Gertude (d 1077) and Ludwig [Ludolv]
von Braunschwig.

Ludwig, (Agatha's father) is the son of Bruno Von Braunschwig (c960-1003) and
his wife Gisele of Suabia (c985-1043).

Gisele was married three times 1) Ernest I, Duke of Suabia 2) Bruno Von
Braunschwig 3) Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor and father of Henry III of

I have no information that Ludwig had a daughter named Agatha, but he did have
a son, Eckbert II. Could I have missed this Agatha and could she indeed have
been the same person who married Edward the Exile? Would this help to explain
the reference in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle that she was a relative of Henry
III? Would this help explain why Florence of Worcester said she was a daughter
of a brother of Henry? Florence's statement makes her a niece of Henry and so
does the above proposed lineage.

I thought that this might be a good time to reopen this debated line in light
of the fact that Douglas Richardson, who is helping Farris with the new
version of THE PLANTAGENET ANCESTRY, and who has written opinions on the
subject, is now with us on this forum.

- Ken

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