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Subject: Re: Ancestors of Thomas West, 2nd Lord Delaware
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 19:39:24 GMT

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Joan Mihay <> wrote:
> On which shows
> the magna charta dames and barons, and their immigrant descendants it
> says that the VA governor,John West was descended from the following:
> WILLIAM D'ALBINI: Lord of Belvoir Castle
> ROGER BIGOD: Earl of Norfolk
> HUGH BIGOD: The Earl of Norfolk's heir
> HENRY DE BOHUN: Earl of Hereford
> RICHARD DE CLARE: Earl of Hertford
> GILBERT DE CLARE: The Earl of Hertford's heir
> WILLIAM DE LANVALLEI: Lord of Stanway Castle, Essex
> JOHN DE LACIE: Lord of Halton Castle, Cheshire
> WILLIAM DE MOWBRAY: Lord of Axholme Castle, Lincolnshire
> SAIRE DE QUINCEY: Earl of Winchester
> ROBERT DE ROOS: Lord of Hamlake Castle, Yorkshire
> ROBERT DE VERE: Earl of Oxford
> I can trace the West family back into the Lords de la Warr family but do
> not have any of the above connections. Could someone kindly post an
> ahnentafel of John West to any or all of the above named? Johns parents
> were Thomas West, 2nd Lord Delaware (1556-1601) and Anne Knollys
> (1560-1608)

I'm sorry, I don't know the word "ahnetafel" - could you expand, please?

I can give a bit more info on d'Albini - let me know if you want it.

Andrew Wells

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