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From: John Steele Gordon <>
Subject: Re: Prowse of Gloucester & Tiverton
Date: 1 Feb 1999 13:18:34 GMT


> According to the Visitations of Gloucester, the following Prowse line is a
> branch of the Prowse family
> of Tiverton, Devon founded by Robert Prowse d. 1529.
> Would anyone have an idea as to the missing generations? Thanks.
> 1. Silvester Prowze of Slaughter 1623 married Allice Slaughter of Slaughter,
> Gloucester
> 3. John Prowze married Joyce (Jocosa) Rainsford of Clifford, Gloucester

Thomas Trowbridge, immigrant (temporarily--but he left three children in
America) to Massachusetts, is descended from the Prowse family through Robert
Prowse's great granddaughter Agnes, who was his mother.

The Prowse family is extensively discussed in "The Trowbridge Ancestry" by
Charles Fitch-Northen, in the 1987 vol of The Genealogist. In a quick glance at
it, I did not see the names of those you are interested in, but there were
references to Vivian's The Visitations of the County of Devon (Exeter, 1895), p.
38, which you might want to check. Fitch-Northen cautions there are many errors.

John Steele Gordon

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