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Subject: Trinity House
Date: 1 Feb 1999 07:19:35 -0800

I am not sure if this is the right forum for this query. If it is
not then I apologise and hope someone can point me to the right one.

I have a friend who is researching the history of Trinity House which
deals with things like customs and excise and coastal matters.
In a book by R J Cornewall-Jones entitled The British Merchant
Service (pub 1898) there is a statement attributed to Archbishop
Stephen Langton during the reign of King John. The statement refers
to Langton as having organised in London a 'Corporation' of "godly
disposed men who, for the actual suppresion of evil disposed persons
bringing ships to destruction by the shewing forth of false beacons,
do find themselves together in the love of our Lord Christ, in the
name of the Masters and Fellows of the Trinity Guild, to succour from
the dangers of the sea all who beset upon the coasts of England, to
feed them when ahungered and athirst, to bind up their wounds, and to
build and light proper beacons for the guidance of mariners."

Other authors also make passing references to the statement but
nowhere does anyone quote the original source which is what my friend
is after.

If anyone can help either directly or can say where to look it would
be much appreciated.

Derek in London

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